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How to Style Sheer Blazers: A Guide for Women

How to Style Sheer Blazers: A Guide for WomenPhoto from Unsplash

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Pick up any fashion magazine, and you’re sure to notice a trend—or not notice it, as the case may be!



Sheer is here, and incorporating this style into your wardrobe is the perfect way to curate a uniquely chic aesthetic. The only thing trendier than sheer tops is sheer outwear, like the incredible sheer blazers we’ve seen on the runway lately.


If you’re the type of woman who embraces everyday luxury, it’s time to learn how to style an easy-to-wear, on-the-go sheer top. Do you know how to put a look together that results in polished to perform, street-ready style?


We’ve created this guide to help you learn how to incorporate this new closet essential into your everyday wardrobe. With the right pieces, you can show off your sheer side at the office, on the town, or on the go.


Continue reading to learn our top flexible dressing tips to help you style your barely-there outerwear like a pro.


The Easy-to-Wear Magic of Barely-There Outerwear


During the 2023 fashion season, we’ve seen sheer fabric from designers ranging from Saint Laurent to Valentino. Designers claim the appeal of sheer pieces is in their understated simplicity. While clearly inspired by lingerie, these garments are often appropriate enough for daily wear.

The beauty of a sheer piece is that, if you do want to spice things up, they are versatile enough to transition from day to night with a few simple tweaks. Sheer outerwear, in particular, invites you to play with color and accessories. When a jacket or blazer is subtle-verging-on-invisible, styling it is all about pairing it with the right extras.


A few of our favorite must-have pieces for styling sheer outerwear include:



    • Bralettes


    • Tailored blouses


    • Bold print tops


    • Form-fitting bodysuits


    • Swimwear separates


    • High-waisted bottoms


    • Cute bras



The sheer blazer is about as versatile as it gets. Don’t be afraid to wear yours with bolder accessories.


Learn to Love Layers


Though your sheer blazer will be the star of the show, creating a complete look means focusing on what’s underneath. Think about what you can see through your blazer and choose pieces that provide a peek into your style.


For example, we love to pair a sheer bomber with a flirty bralette. Choose high-waisted trousers or shorts for contour-hugging peek-a-boo perfection.


Another trick for creative layering is to play with length. A cropped jacket or bomber pairs well with longer silhouettes to keep things modest.


Sexy or Feminine?


Sheer pieces are exciting because they’re always toeing the line between sexy and delicate. You get to decide if you want to play up the subversive nature of the piece or aim for a more flirty, feminine look.


If you’re aiming to dress a bit more provocatively, you can pair your sheer jacket with a cute, well-fitting bra. Choose a bra with details you want to show off, such as a pop of color or intricate lace details. Details add visual interest and sex appeal that still leaves plenty to the imagination.


If you’re more interested in styling your sheer blazer for the office, the right top makes all the difference. Go with a tailored top or vest to keep things striking and sophisticated.


Play With Prints


You can put together an eye-catching look by layering a fitted print top or bodysuit under your sheer outerwear. It’s a versatile way to get extra use out of your busier printed tops.

Prints and saturated colors take on a new, more subdued dimension underneath a sheer outer layer. It’s a creative way to get re-wear value out of your clothes while on-the-go. In other words, the sheer jacket is a travel essential.

Plus, a busy layer creates depth and visual interest, which is crucial for truly magnetic dressing.


Boldly Balance Other Pieces


When you slip on a sheer jacket, you are technically adding a layer. The sheer material works like magic, however. Somehow, your barely-there blazer will remove visual bulk from your ensemble rather than adding to it.


That’s great news if you have pieces in your closet that feel too conservative on their own. Pair a longer midi skirt with your sheer bomber, and your look will still appear a touch risque. Likewise, a see-through blazer pairs beautifully with a fuller pair of pants or trousers.


Sheer Meets Structure


The shape and fit of your jacket or outerwear will determine what will look best underneath. Many sheer pieces are flowier. The less form-fitting the top, the more structure you’ll need in the elements you pair with it.


Consider popping your sheer blazer over a fitted dress or jumpsuit, especially if the dress is lighter in color than the jacket. You’ll create visually interesting lines that draw the eye.


We love a white base with a darker sheer blazer thrown over the top for dynamic head-to-toe dressing that pops.


Trendy Transitions


Finally, you might be wondering when to wear a sheer blazer. The fantastic news is that they transition beautifully and have a place in every season’s wardrobe.


They’re light enough for warm weather but still provide a barrier as things cool down. Wear less underneath for a summery, vacation-ready look, or pair it with a long-sleeved sweater for warmth without the bulk.

These jackets are perfect to bring along during those in-between seasons. Yours will become a staple of both your spring wardrobe and fall fashion style.


We’re obsessed with the polished flexibility of this year-round trend, which pairs perfectly with other curated pieces in our collection.


Embrace Everyday Luxury with the Sheer Blazer Trend


Sheer is here to bring sexy, sweet, subversive style to busy, chic women everywhere. A sheer blazer or bomber jacket is this season’s must-have outerwear option. Now that you know how to wear one, you can embrace everyday luxury with a unique wardrobe staple that will fetch you compliments wherever you go.


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