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Specialist Porsche Parts Provider, Design911 Provides New Insight Into the Modern Reinvention of SSI

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10/30/2023, Brentwood // PRODIGY: Feature Story //

Specialist Porsche Parts Provider Offers Insights Into the Modern Reinvention of SSI
Specialist Porsche Parts Provider Offers Insights Into the Modern Reinvention of SSI

Next day Porsche parts and components supplier, Design911, has published an insightful video exploring the history of Stainless Steel Innovations (SSI), discussing the backstory of the premium brand, and how it transitioned its assets and manufacturing resources from California to the JP Group facility in Denmark.

As part of a series of videos created by Design911 to educate and inform Porsche enthusiasts and automotive industry professionals about the heritage of the brands it chooses to stock, the Essex-based business visited JP Group to get a first-hand look at how the manufacturer operates.

The History of Stainless Steel Innovations (SSI)

SSI is a well-known brand associated with superior performance and exceptional quality. Part of the reason behind this reputation is that the brand uses specialist manufacturing techniques to optimise the way each component operates.

Rather than using multiple welds or separate pieces to build runners and other elements, SSI parts, such as heat exchangers, are created from one continual tube, using heat-based techniques to produce the perfect shape and configuration.

Design911's video clarifies that when the Californian brand transitioned to become part of the JP Group, based in Denmark, all of the equipment and tooling used in manufacturing processes was transferred, achieving continuity in design, production approaches and quality.

All SSI branded parts for Porsche remain compliant with impeccable standards and deliver on performance expectations while looking almost artistic in the streamlined lines and attention to detail within every component.

JP Group has confirmed that it intends to sustain the ‘legacy of excellence’ linked with SSI, focusing on craftsmanship and a commitment to outstanding parts that Porsche owners, drivers and specialists expect.

The Design911 YouTube brand insight video is available online, with a supporting article published by the business with further images and information about the production processes used to retain the authenticity and quality associated with SSI.

SSI Porsche Parts Available From Design911

SSI has long been the manufacturer of choice for stainless steel exhaust heat exchangers, developed with precision by the Danish production facility. These components are considered the best possible option due to various features:

  • The material is extremely durable and rust-proof – heat exchangers are expected to last the lifetime of a Porsche vehicle without deterioration.
  • Stainless steel is invulnerable to issues caused by rust and carbon monoxide leaks, which are responsible for heat loss and can affect the driving experience.
  • Replacing the exhaust system on an older Porsche with an SSI heat exchanger is an exercise in optimisation, ensuring engines run with up to 10% greater horsepower and 26% more torque.
  • All SSI exchangers are manufactured with time-tested steel, guaranteeing faultless quality tubing that is resistant to condensation created from exhaust gases – using exact tolerances originally derived from racing vehicles.

Design911 stocks a complete range of SSI component systems, with variable parts available depending on the model and year of manufacture of the Porsche and the type of engine conversion project – older Porsche vehicles may not be compatible with some heat exchangers if they do not have an upgraded engine.

Customers can order directly from Design911 for delivery across the UK and Europe, with the catalogue featuring exhaust and heat exchanger packages, silencer rear boxes, oil pipes for exhaust conversions and heat control boxes and connecting pieces.

Brand Insights From the Design911 Porsche Experts

Managing Director of Design911, Karl Chopra, says, ‘We began creating our brand insight series to share our knowledge about the superb brands we stock within our expansive aftermarket, performance and OEM component ranges.

For many Porsche owners, the quality and reliability of replacement and upgrade parts is a significant priority, and they value the information we offer about the heritage, values and background of the brands they choose to purchase.

Whether a customer is buying a component to restore the driving experience they achieve in a classic or vintage Porsche, looking to augment the comfort and handling of a modern-day vehicle, or simply need to replace a part that has become worn over time, a premium, well-established brand is always the first choice.

We hope our clients and all Porsche enthusiasts enjoy our series and share our passion for parts manufacturers who embrace a strong focus on genuine quality, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and components that deliver compatibility while enhancing performance.’

All brand insight videos are available to view online through the Design911 YouTube channel.

Read more about Design911 - Design911 Invites Clients to Tour the JP Group HQ to Explore the Science Behind Dansk Classic Parts 

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Tom Harper-Ward
Design 911
+44 (0)208 500 8811

About Design911

Design911 has established itself as the market leader, offering trade and retail customers a full range of OEM and aftermarket Porsche parts for general servicing and rebuild as well as restoration and tuning for the UK, European and world-wide markets. The website now sports a Porsche parts finder to help you get the exact aftermarket Porsche part your need. The company's impressive 34,000 sq. ft Essex headquarters comprise sales department, warehouse, workshop and body shop, as well as a showroom of classic Porsches for sale. We pride ourselves that we will be the company that can supply 'every part for every Porsche'.

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