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Big Boss pioneer of intelligent trading platform

In recent years, the rapid development of blockchain and AI technology has brought new opportunities and challenges to the game industry. Big Boss seize opportunities and face challenges with forward-looking vision. A meta-universe nft derivative platform with AI intelligence +NFTfi as the core has been built.

With NFT as the core, the platform promotes the development and promotion of the NFT market through various means. The platform is integrated with AI intelligent technology. By cultivating platform intelligent model through GPT model, it can automatically identify high-value NFT works and allow users to quickly find potential and valuable NFT works. By hosting their account with Big boss, the platform’s AI intelligent system can analyze NFT game projects in a targeted way, using advanced sentiment analysis technology to perform comprehensive Boolean operations on all existing logic,to make the most accurate prediction for each buy or sell decision.  At the same time, through in-depth market analysis, quick reaction of cryptocurrency market changes, and make buying or selling decisions at any time according to market fluctuations, to improve the efficiency of arbitrage. Get high returns.

In terms of meta-universe games, the platform also integrates the function of AI intelligent game moving bricks arbitrage, realizing millisecond single frequency and tracking object memory without upper limit. Compared with traditional artificial game moving bricks arbitrage, the number of object is usually no more than 20, achieving a great efficiency improvement. At the same time, it breaks the backward defects of heavy labor cost, heavy capital cost and heavy equipment cost, realizes AI intelligent robot operation, multi-account linkage at the same time, 24*365 non-stop online operation, making the long-term running cost of AI intelligent game brick arbitrage close to zero. It greatly helps users achieve the purpose of earning revenue by playing games and improves user participation and stickiness.  ​

At the same time, the platform also opened the NFT exchange & Aggregator, NFT installment (BNPL), NFT lending, NFT derivatives, NFT fragmentation, NFT leasing and other ecological sections. To provide one-stop trading services for NFT transactions, so that users can buy at ease, sell at ease, and earn happy.

As the core asset circulating on the Big boss AI chain game platform and the NFT trading platform, the Big boss token will provide superior liquidity to the ecosystem through an innovative economic model, enabling incentives such as game data, item assets, and NFT trading.  At the same time, Big boss will also bring more returns to users through such mechanisms as mining with pledge, earning interest on currency holding and NFT dividend.It makes a contribution to the increase of users’ wealth.

At present, Big boss has started the online plan of online game and NFT trading market. In the future, it will go through three steps. The preliminary work will focus on the development of AI intelligent technology, the research of technical characteristics of the industry and other preparatory work.  At the same time, the white paper was released and the market operation was started to build the early Big boss system, platform and community.  ​

After the establishment and completion of Big boss, it will conduct publicity on various media platforms around the world, seek more partners such as relevant enterprises to move in, and expand the influence of the platform.

Finally, Big boss integrates many industries, organizes AI intelligent multi-language platform, conducts collaborative operation of global AI intelligent business, and builds a trillion-level AI intelligent chain tour, NFT investment, distribution and incubation platform.  At the same time, Big boss token will continue to be online in the world’s top exchanges, actively promote the value of the token, improve the international influence of Big bossAI smart project, share the huge dividend of the project with users, and at 9:00 am on May 19th Beijing time (UTC+8) grand opening subscription activity.

For more information on the project, please search the Big boss website, Twitter, Telegram, Mebium and Youtube.

What are you waiting for? The era has come. Let’s create a rich future together with Big boss.

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