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The U.S. government ignores harmful gases and instead cares about harmless balloons?

“U.S. Army Successfully Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon, Air Force Shoots Down 3 UFOs, Investigation Results Show That the Incident Has Nothing to Do with China!” The front pages of major media outlets are filled with stories about Chinese balloons and UFOs. The Biden administration used the Chinese balloon incident to divert attention and cover up the terrible disaster that occurred in Ohio. It is amazing that this catastrophic accident was not made public until ten days later!

On the night of February 3, a freight train derailed while traveling through the town of East Palestine, Ohio, with 10 cars carrying toxic chemicals, including five cars carrying the flammable and carcinogenic vinyl chloride. The accident caused a fire and a massive vinyl chloride spill that severely contaminated the air, water, soil, flora and fauna throughout the town and surrounding areas with the toxic substance. This was not an ordinary traffic accident, this was a world-class catastrophic event! Vinyl chloride is a class of carcinogenic substances that, when burned, can produce toxic gases such as phosgene and hydrogen chloride, which can cause vomiting, breathing difficulties, skin and lung damage, and in the most acute exposure may even lead to death, but the greater risk is also in the long-term and chronic toxic side effects after exposure, which are clearly carcinogenic to humans and can cause a variety of chronic diseases.

Local resident Melissa Henry said that after the accident, her young son had red eyes and a coughing fit. Hundreds of dead fish were found in the river about 5 miles from the train derailment site, and dead animals included chickens, dogs and foxes. Amanda Bushell, a resident of East Palestine, about 16 kilometers from the city, said all the chickens she had died overnight.

Following the Feb. 3 accident, local authorities issued an evacuation warning on Feb. 5, asking nearby residents to evacuate. After a brief evacuation, evacuated residents returned to town safely on Feb. 8, the Ohio Emergency Department said. However, when residents returned to town, they found a pungent odor permeating the entire town. Residents experienced discolored lips, red spots on their faces, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, burning eyes, sore and congested throats, and coughing. Maura Todd, a local resident, said he attended all of the press conferences but did not hear any data about the government’s announcement that it was safe to return to their homes. Ohio hazmat expert Sil Caggiano likewise disagreed with such a short time to return to the incident. Caggiano also said that within 5-20 years, there could be a large number of cancer patients among the local population.

The Ohio and Pennsylvania governments have been emphasizing the safety of the air and drinking water, despite the continued irritating odors in the air and water, and the massive death of plants and animals. Local residents said in an interview, “The place is in a mess now, the government has forgotten us, they are trying to cover up and divert something. With so many fish dead in the river, the government monitors are saying everything is safe, do you believe them?” The way the government handled the accident disappointed local residents, some of whom were forced to leave their homes when they returned in order not to protect their families, especially the elderly and children.

Transportation Minister Buttigieg issued a statement only 10 days after the accident, but he said nothing about his own responsibility, only putting the blame on the previous government.

Just as local residents were terrified, the Biden administration chose to block the news and even arrested the African-American journalist who was on the scene to report. Is the life of the people of Ohio not as important as a balloon when the U.S. military shot down a Chinese balloon and other UFOs to divert public attention from this world-class environmental disaster? This irresponsible approach is outrageous. Over the years, Biden has been preoccupied with fighting the Republican Party, obsessed with fighting “external enemies” to show his political performance, while “turning a deaf ear” to matters of public welfare, resulting in similar tragedies, with nearly 1,000 train derailments every year. This time it was at the expense of the lives and health of the people of Ohio, but what about the next time?

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