It’s a Hit: Your Guide to Finding the Best Music Production App on Mac

It’s a Hit: Your Guide to Finding the Best Music Production App on MacPhoto by Markus Spiske

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Mac computers are really the best option for the creative individual. Among the many apps that exist on the Mac are music production apps. If you have ever dreamed of creating music then there are a variety of great music production apps on the Mac.

But what is the best music production app?

In this comprehensive list, we will outline the most popular music production apps so you can choose which one best suits your needs.

The Best Music Production App for Mac Users

There are many fantastic music production apps that serve different purposes. We have shortlisted free and paid apps and detailed their features so you can decide which one is best for your needs.

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1. Garageband

No surprise here – the included free music app is still one of the best choices for music production.

If you are not technically-minded and are looking for a great app to record audio or create music, then Garageband is all you need. It has a huge range of pre-recorded loops and beats from a plethora of instruments. These can be combined and altered to make your perfect soundtrack.

There is also an option for recording audio directly. Garageband works with external instruments and microphones, but if you are on a budget – they are not necessary at all! Your production can be exported to a variety of audio formats, notably MP3, which is ideal for distributing music.

If you are getting started and want to get straight to recording, then Garageband is for you!

2. Logic Pro X

This app begins at $299.99 and is one of the most popular music production apps for the Mac.

This is a more advanced software and is a step up from Garageband. If you are looking to produce serious music to possibly distribute, then Logic Pro X is for you. You have access to virtual instruments, beats and loops, and audio tools to alter and edit your track. Each composition can have up to 255 tracks and can have a variety of effects added to each track.

There are also features to refine the vocal quality and to fix any timing issues in your composition. The interface is similar to Garageband and is not too difficult to use if you have mastered Garageband.

Your composition can be exported to many audio formats including MP3 and can also be added to Final Cut Pro tracks – perfect for creating a film soundtrack.

3. Reason

This is a more complicated app to learn. But if you are serious about music production, it is one to seriously consider.

It costs $399 and is a step up from Garageband and Logic Pro X. The interface of how the tracks are laid is different from other apps but once you get the hang of it, is just as effective. The app has dials, sliders and virtual cables to adjust the tune of the audio tracks.

There are great audio effects to create the tone of the audio. Whether you want something upbeat or melancholy, there is an effect for you. The composition can be exported into WAV, AIFF, and REX formats.

If you are especially working on instrumental tracks, Reason is right up your alley.

4. Audacity

This free software remains a favorite for audio recorders. It is a free software app and specializes in recording audio.

If you wish to create tracks, beats, and loops externally and then arrange them in one app then Audacity is for you. Audacity also has an option to record audio – perfect for adding vocals to your soundtrack.

It is an easy to use app. It can reduce background noise and can possibly eliminate noise where needed. You can change the pitch of a track and not have to worry about altering the tempo.

Your composition can be exported into several audio formats including MP3 as well as AAC – which is usually formatted for audiobooks and can ‘save’ a listeners’ position in the track.

5. Reaper

Reaper will sell in the $50 range but its features are priceless. If you use the app you will realize that the low price is an absolute bargain!

If you are ready to record a full-length musical album, you want to look into Reaper. You have the option for multi-track recording if you are recording live audio. It also has a pitch correction feature to change the pitch of your audio.

The interface is very easy to use. But as Reaper comes with several features, it will take some time to master the program. But what you can achieve with the app is far greater than anything you can do with Garageband.

Reaper also has a huge user base and if you are stuck you are sure to find help on any Reaper support forums. It can be exported to almost any audio format you will need.

If you are ready to release your album to the world, get your hands on Reaper!

6. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the best apps for creating and playing music. Depending on the features you want, it can run from $99 for the basic version to $749 for the most advanced version.

With Ableton Live, you can record live audio and arrange it to your liking. The audio tracks can be edited to your liking. Through the interface, you can also play the audio to a large audience – either as a DJ or at a live performance.

It is quite a difficult software to master, but if you want to create great music and are ready to liven up the next party with it then Ableton Live is worth the investment.

Get Your Groove On!

If you are ready to record music then you have to download or purchase one of the apps mentioned on this list. Determine what your needs are to decide what is the best music production app from the list.

We hope to hear your record soon!

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