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SEO is a method that provides small businesses with an opportunity to operate on a much broader level. So, it is crucial to know the difference between the local and national levels. Local SEO has a priority to appear on SERPs in a particular location. At the same time, national SEO has a different approach, focusing on a nationwide ranking. So, it makes sense to see that operating on a broader level means that businesses can reach customers on a national level.

Ultimately, this method helps businesses to attract more traffic to their websites. Naturally, after the traffic increases, the chances of enhancing conversions are much higher. Competing against nationwide brands that have a plethora of resources to spend sounds pretty interesting. But, you need to take this process step-by-step. It is estimated that 35% of search traffic is local. Therefore, it’s important to have a proper foundation before you get further. With that in mind, let us take a look at 5 tips you can use to enhance your local SEO ranking.


As you are probably aware of how essentially the link building campaign is for having a fruitful local SEO. So, this is an absolute priority when looking to boost your local SEO ranking. But, you need to be aware that this is a process that usually lasts a really long time. Simultaneously, it would help if you ensured that your content has a touch of credibility and authority. Only after you’ve achieved this you can take the full advantage of link building approach.


Since almost all people in the world have their own mobile phones, it makes sense that roughly 60% of all online searches come from these devices. That means that optimizing your content to be mobile-friendly will have a massive influence on your rankings. There are a couple of ways you can actually do this. Ways like enhancing your page’s loading time, using bigger fonts, and having an effective user interface.


Even though reviews are considered not to be as important for ranking on search engines as they used to be, it should be said that they are still one of the most important elements. According to a study done by HBR, we can see that reviews value for 15% of how Google ranks businesses. At the same time, posting a response to all these reviews will add a whole new value to the rankings. Also, you can add keywords in your response–why not?


Customer engagement is surely one of the most important elements of having a proper local SEO ranking. This means that you are having an interactive relationship with your customers to add content that will provoke them to engage even further. Your business listing is much more likely to be better ranked in search engines by enhancing your customer engagement. You can be sure that engagement has a massive positive impact on your local rankings.


Voice search is slowly becoming one of the hottest trends for boosting your local SEO. So, it makes perfect sense to invest your resources in optimizing your website for this feature. All your customers will have many questions regarding your business. But, instead of typing, they will use their voices. Since these voice searches will be much longer than regular queries, it’s a must to optimize your content for this kind of searching.


Before you conduct any SEO campaign, you need to have enough knowledge about your local search rankings. So, starting small and working up is the only way a business will reach higher levels properly. Here are some of the most useful tips you can use to boost your local rankings. Surely, doing this by carefully following all the steps will result fruitfully.

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