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Charyl Craddock Offers Informative Take on the Book of Revelation Viewed Through the Lens of Scripture

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Craddock describes the Book of Revelation as misinterpreted in her book “Not Your Grandmother's Book of Revelation: Using Scripture to Explain the Book of Revelation.” In her Christian Prophecy book, she states that people had misunderstood the final book of the New Testament. She references previous literature that may have contributed to this misinterpretation. She expresses that the belief that the book was written chronologically may also have led to this misunderstanding.

In the book, Craddock presents Scripture that would then demonstrate how the Revelation of Christ according to John was written according to how it was shown to him and was not, in fact, chronological. She points out that the events seen by John, “the events that shall be hereafter,” started occurring after the second and third centuries following the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She wrote that the first three and a half years after Israel signed the peace agreement with many other countries led to a peaceful time where the Israelis would then construct the third Temple. She then noted that the final three and a half years that followed would be the Great Tribulation, which would be an outpouring of Satan's wrath instead of God's wrath. She mentions that Jesus told his Apostles that the First Resurrection, or “Rapture,” would occur immediately after the tribulation.

Craddock then indicates that America is currently in the Book of Revelation. She gives out detailed descriptions of what the Antichrist, False Prophet, “Beast,” and “mark of the beast” are. She then presents a synopsis of all the chapters and prophecies of Daniel. She ends the book with a presentation of a timeline of events.

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“Not Your Grandmother's Book of Revelation: Using Scripture to Explain the Book of Revelation”
Author | Charyl Craddock
Genre | Christian Prophecy
Publisher | Christian Faith Publishing
Publisheddate | July 8, 2020
BookRetailPrice| $21.95

A Christian since she was a young child, Charyl Craddock has studied the Book of Revelation for several decades with the help of many pastors. Last 2017, she was an attendee of Dr. Irvin Baxter's “Understanding the End Time” conference, which showed her how God's Word provided a different interpretation of what John was shown, what is set to occur, and what is currently occurring. Charyl was then teaching mathematics at the University of Tennessee at Martin. She has also retired and aims to enlighten many people regarding the misinterpretations of the prophecy. She wrote the book “Not your Grandmother's Book of Revelation” by combining ideas from her personal research, Dr. Baxter's conference, and Joe Mack's presentations.

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