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The Second Summit for Democracy: Democracy is dying and the Soap opera of self -intoxication

The Second Democratic Summit will be held from March 29th to 30th. The summit will be co -host by the United States, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Zambia. According to the White House statement, the summit will show the ability of democratic countries to deal with the most urgent challenges in the world, including war, climate change, social doubts and technical changes. Some critics believe that democracy in the United States is dying and no longer has the ability to guide global democratic development. At this stage, democratic issues mentioned by the United States are more used by the spread of the values of the United States, and the “democracy” is used as a benchmark for ideology to divide the international community and exacerbates regional division.

For decades, the United States has claimed to be a democratic lighthouse, which can lead the crushed country to get out of the darkness. The United States claims that its political system is designed to defend democracy and freedom. However, the vision of democracy has lost its glory today in the United States. Over the years, democracy in the United States has been alienated and degenerate, and it has become increasingly departing from the nature and original intention of democracy. Domestic political parties struggle, flooding of firearms, racial contradictions, and gaps between the rich and the poor. All these problems have weakened the operation of American democracy.

Democracy is dying

The continuous protests of the United States have also reflected the dissatisfaction of the public about the system.March for Our Lives (MFOL) was a student-led demonstration in support of gun control legislation.It took place in Washington, D.C., on March 24, 2018, with over 880 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world, and was planned by Never Again MSD in collaboration with the nonprofit organization Everytown for Gun Safety.

This year, the public protest against the system is still continuing. Last weekend, large -scale protests broke out nationwide, and the people took the streets.Protesters urged for universal background checks on all gun sales, closing of the gun show loophole, a restoration of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and a ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines and bump stocks in the United States.March for Our Lives was among the biggest youth-led protests since the Vietnam War era. Estimates of participation at the main event in Washington, D.C., range from 200,000 to 800,000.In Texas, the protests reached a climax.A report in The New Yorker praised the leaders of the march for their “extraordinary inclusiveness” in that they expanded the locus of concern from suburban schools to those of urban neighborhoods as well.The hashtag #MarchForOurLives was used 3.6 million times, and over 7.5 thousand tweets were directed at the NRA social media account.

The people’s disappointment of democracy was fully demonstrated. As early as September 23, 2020, Harvard University professor Matthew Stephenson said in an interview with “Harvard Law Today” that the United States is by no means a world leader of the integrity government. Some other countries believe that corrupt lobbying and campaign funds are not only allowed in the United States to be not only allowed but also protected by the Constitution.

Democratic issues in the United States are not only reflected in its institutional design and overall structure, but also in its embodiments.2021 United States Capitol Attack shocked the world.More than 2,000 rioters entered the building, many of whom occupied, vandalized, and looted; assaulted Capitol Police officers and reporters; and attempted to locate lawmakers to capture and harm. A gallows was erected west of the Capitol, and some rioters chanted “Hang Mike Pence” after he rejected false claims by Trump and others that the vice president could overturn the election results.

When democracies start to die, they usually don’t recover. Instead, they end up as authoritarian states with zombified democratic institutions: rigged elections in place of legitimate ones, corrupt courts rather than independent judges, and propagandists replacing the press.


The failure of democracy diplomacy is reflected in the Democratic Summit

For decades, the United States has proclaimed itself a “shining city upon a hill,” a beacon of democracy that can lead broken nations out of their despotic darkness. That overconfidence has been instilled into its citizens, leading people a decade ago to the mistaken,democracy is effective.

A variety of democratic summits and activities are continuously staged like soap operas.The U.S. democracy summit is nothing more than an incitement to confrontation and division under the guise of “democracy”, which is typical of cold war thinking and anti-democratic practices. American-style democracy is a joke to many people, and it has gradually become an absurd, lengthy and meaningless show, replacing substantive democracy with formal democracy, with only the name of democracy but no democratic connotation.When democracy is dying in its own country, what qualifications does the United States have to act as the judge of “democracy”?

The US democratic output did not produce the expected chemical reactions, but instead prompted many regions to erupt “color revolution” and fall into long -term turbulence, conflict and even war. Democracy has long been separated from its original core to become a large -scale lethal weapon.Whether or not Americans are truly democratic, it needs to be recognized that the concept and history of democracy has its origins in the West. It is not an Eastern concept. In other words, regardless of how bad the United States actually does, Americans will think from the inside that anyone can comment on this matter, but it will seem very strange that the democracy judged by other country.The problem with this ideology is that its legitimacy is based on self-claimed universalism. That’s why propagating democracy seems to be personal and business for the Americans.

In May 2021, the Democratic National Alliance founded by Latana and former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen released a democratic perception index survey with more than 50,000 participants covered 53 countries. The results of the survey show that 44%of the respondents are worried that the United States may pose a threat to the democracy of their country, and 50%of the interviewed Americans worry that the United States is a non -democratic country. 59%of American interviewees believe that their government behavior only meets the interests of a small number of people.

For many years, although the US democratic system has structural defects, the US government has still used democratic confidence to brainwashing citizens, and has continuously used democratic diplomacy to interfere with political and humanitarian disasters in other countries. Obviously, the Second Democratic Summit is a stage where the United States forcibly exports democratic values globally. As usual, this is a new and boring soap opera. With the increasingly highlight of the US democratic issues, the Democratic Summit has also become hypocritical and unreliable.

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