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Should I use a personal trainer if I have a busy lifestyle?

Should I use a personal trainer if I have a busy lifestyle?Photo from Unsplash

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It seems like we all have busy lives these days.

Finding time to exercise isn’t always easy between work responsibilities, family commitments, and everything in between. This is one reason some people don’t think investing in a personal trainer is worth it.

“Where will I find the time to fit it in?”

“My lifestyle isn’t suited to using a personal trainer, I can barely get the time to exercise on my own.”

These are just some of the things I hear; however, just because you are constantly rushing around or preoccupied with different personal and professional duties, this doesn’t mean you can’t make use of a PT.

Here are some reasons why a personal trainer can suit you even if you have a busy lifestyle.

A personal trainer can save you time on planning workouts

Whether you are trying to get back in shape or to just become more active, planning a workout can be quite time consuming. You will probably spend considerable time trying to work out what equipment to use at the gym or to plan a route to run that suits your fitness level.

A personal trainer can save you time by doing this work for you.

We can tailor exercise regimes around what goal you want to achieve, how much time you have available, and also to suit your current level of fitness.

For example, if your schedule is really tight, a PT can advise you to use exercises such as HIIT to get the best results in the time you can spare.

You are more likely to exercise with a PT

Paying for a personal trainer and knowing that you aren’t just pottering about in the gym or thinking about going for a run on your own (and then giving up on the idea), is a sure fire way to increase your motivation.

A personal trainer can not only help you beat your bad exercise habits, but also give you the motivation to exercise when you ordinarily would just cancel your plans.

In fact, a personal trainer probably won’t cost as much as you think either.

Nutrition is as important as working and a PT can help

I always maintain that you need to eat the right foods in addition to following a tailored exercise regime to get the best results. Your nutritional intake is as important as working out and for some people with busy lifestyles, it can be easy to grab unhealthy foods which can offset your hard work.

By using a PT, you can get nutritional information that lets you know the food you should be eating and how to incorporate making meals and eating snacks into your daily routine.

This is invaluable when you are constantly busy or on the move as it’ll help you to cut down on eating unhealthy food regularly and you’ll see better results from your exercise efforts.

Should I use a personal trainer if I have a busy lifestyle?


Just because you have various work and/or personal commitments, doesn’t mean you can’t utilise the full potential that a personal trainer offers.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you achieve your goals even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare every week.

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