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Access Elevators Discusses the Essential Safety Features of Home Elevators

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Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2023 -- Access Elevator has been the premier provider of home elevators in Pittsburgh, Ithaca, NY, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Morgantown, WA, and the surrounding areas since 1969. Providing a wide selection of home elevator options, Access Elevator understands the necessity for elevator safety features that keep passengers safeguarded from unexpected threats. Here are some of those essential elevator safety features:

- Door Interlocks - Door interlocks prevent the elevator from operating if the doors are not securely closed, ensuring passenger safety during transit. These interlocks provide a reliable mechanism that prevents any accidental movement of the elevator while the doors are open, offering peace of mind to passengers.
- Emergency Stop Button - Located within easy reach, the emergency stop button allows individuals to immediately halt the elevator in case of an unforeseen situation or emergency. This crucial feature enables quick and decisive action, giving passengers the ability to stop the elevator's movement instantly for safety purposes.
- Overload Sensors - These important sensors detect excessive weight in the elevator and prevent it from operating, preventing any strain on the system or compromising passenger safety.
- Battery Backups - In the event of a power outage, a battery backup system ensures that the elevator continues to operate, allowing passengers to safely exit or reach their desired floor. This safety feature provides uninterrupted functionality during power disruptions, ensuring individuals are not stranded and can rely on the elevator even in emergency situations.
- Safety Brakes -Safety brakes act as a failsafe mechanism, automatically activating to halt the elevator's movement in case of any unexpected descent, providing a reliable safeguard against potential hazards.
- Alarm Systems - The majority of home elevators feature alarm systems that can be activated in case of an emergency, alerting others in the home or summoning external assistance. This critical feature helps to quickly notify occupants and responders, enabling prompt action during emergency situations.

About Access Elevator
For over five decades Access Elevator has been a provider of elevators in Pittsburgh, Ithaca, NY, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Morgantown, WA, and the surrounding areas. They specialize in offering custom-tailored elevator solutions that enhance mobility and accessibility within homes and select businesses. With a strong focus on quality, their team of mobility experts ensure the performance and safety of their elevator solutions for years to come.

Access Elevator goes beyond being a company; they consider themselves neighbors and friends, genuinely dedicated to improving the quality of life for their customers. Visit to learn more about elevators for Pittsburgh, Ithaca, NY, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, Morgantown, WA, and the surrounding areas.

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