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Common Springtime Plumbing Repairs in Salt Lake City!

Salt Lake City is about to experience one of its craziest spring runoffs, which means countless homes are about to need plumbing repairs!

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Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2023 -- Salt Lake City and the entire northern Utah region has just finished one of the wildest winters on record, and several parts of the Wasatch Mountains received over 100% of the average snowfall rates!

But as temperatures rapidly rise and the snow melts, it's safe to say that severe flooding and erosion is on the horizon for the entire area. And although plenty of homeowners are likely relieved that this winter's freezing temperatures are largely over, there are plenty of concerns that people have in terms of potential issues involving residential and commercial plumbing systems.

The plumbing repair Salt Lake City experts at Beehive Plumbing have supported countless properties throughout the northern Utah region with top-quality plumbing services for the last 20+ years, and their team has provided insight into the following springtime plumbing repairs that property owners need to be aware of!

Gutter Clogs & Obstructions

This time of year is when a lot of gutters end up becoming clogged with leaves, twigs and all sorts of other debris. Although these types of obstructions aren't always too serious, there are often significant risks in terms of water damages.

When water is forced to go over the sides of gutters due to obstructions, it can negatively impact the integrity of a home's roof or siding. This type of overflow can then lead to extensive water damages on ceilings, and even stain a home's exterior paint.

When the gutter obstruction leads to unnaturally pooling, the standing water can potentially lead to pest infestations, mold development and significant corrosion.

Water Pressure Issues

It's always really annoying when a home is experiencing low water pressure, but it's important for homeowners to remember that this type of symptom is usually indicative of other more serious plumbing problems. Water pressure drops are often connected to leaks within the depths of a plumbing system, so there's really no telling why exactly a property's water pressure may suddenly drop.

But the spring months just so happen to be common times when water pressure drops occur at homes and businesses, and these scenarios always require a service call to local plumbing specialists.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks often develop during the cold winter months, but they're not quite as apparent until the springtime when warmer weather arrives and pipes can adequately thaw. This type of plumbing repair issue is generally connected to extreme temperature fluctuations, which is something that commonly occurs in mountainous regions like northern Utah.

The rapid expansion and contraction of pipes can cause them to freeze and even crack, and these leaks typically get much worse as the weather warms back up this time of year. Older plumbing systems tend to be the most susceptible to this type of repair issue, and neglecting a leaking pipe can lead to all sorts of structural damages.

Sewer Line Clogs & Obstructions

Another common springtime plumbing repair is when homeowners realize that something is wrong within their sewer lines. Tree root infiltration is a common sewer line mishap this time of year, because new growth is developing and tree roots are rapidly spreading out as temperatures get warmer.

Although tree root infiltration isn't the only type of sewer line obstruction that a property may experience, it's a common problem that requires state-of-the-art pipe repair techniques like hydro jetting and pipe lining to fully resolve.

Inadequate Outdoor Drainage

When snow melts and rain starts falling, residential and commercial properties alike need to ensure that their drainage systems will effectively prevent water pooling and other issues around their foundations. Inadequate outdoor drainage can be disastrous during spring runoffs like this year's, because extensive flooding and erosion is expected in all mountainous regions throughout the West.

If drainage issues are present on a property, it'll be absolutely critical for the owner to invest in landscaping or professional plumbing services. Many properties in northern Utah will have sump pumps to protect against flooding and other drainage issues, so it's also important to make sure that sump pumps are functioning properly to guarantee that they're ready to go when they're needed most!

Areas Like Northern Utah & California Are In For Significant Flooding This Spring!

Mountainous areas like the Wasatch and Sierra Nevada ranges received record snowfall this winter, so it's safe to say that this year's snowmelt will be completely unprecedented. In years past when snowfall was well above average, these regions experienced dangerous flooding that damaged countless plumbing systems and municipal lines.

It's crucial for property owners to get prepared now, because the end of May and all of June will likely bring extreme flooding to well-populated areas like Salt Lake City!

About Beehive Plumbing
Beehive Plumbing is one of the leading plumbing companies based in northern Utah, and their team of Master Plumbers is currently supporting homes and commercial properties with necessary spring runoff preparations throughout the Salt Lake City Metro Area.

The Beehive Team is available for comment regarding this year's unprecedented spring runoff and the subsequent plumbing issues associated with it, and they can be reached via this contact page or by calling 801-661-8155.

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