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Three Goals That Each Public Relations Specialists Should Have!

Like the heroines' hearts in every Taylor Swift song, New Year's resolutions eventually get broken. In light of available data, we've compiled a list of three concrete goals for PR professionals to achieve to advance their careers. Discover the rationale behind our objective selection and the locations of relevant starting points.


As your first goal for the near future, you should learn how to analyze data effectively.

How to Analyze Data: 30+ Experts on Making Sense of Your Performance |  Databox Blog

The majority of PR professionals (91%) agree with the statement "not only do PR practitioners have to be excellent communicators, they also have to be strong data analysts," as stated in the Global Comms Report. Even though public relations teams have gotten much better at tracking critical metrics like earned media, sentiment, and competitor information thanks to improved tools and technology, it is still difficult to make sense of the data. It takes time and effort (and usually patience) to master any skill.


What to do first: We encourage you to view our latest webinar, Making Your Metrics Matter: Building a Strategy for Impactful PR, and to read our e-book, Making It Count: The Step-by-Step Guide to Monitoring and Measuring the Impact of PR.


Second, resolve to get better at finding the right journalists and influential people to cover your stories.

Where to Find Relevant Reporters or Media to Pitch Your Story - Newswire

Only 25% of comms directors claim they are "always" able to find the proper ones to engage with for their stories, even if doing so is essential for delivering your messages to the correct audiences. Maintaining awareness of the constant shifts in the media landscape can be challenging. You might want to use a third-party database to find those who write about relevant issues and those whose followers make up your desired demographic.


In order to get started, you can get The PR Pro's Guide To  Marketing Toolkit, which has information to assist you find the relevant people and connect with the relevant media. Then, sign up for the Media Moves newsletter to receive updates on what's happening in the media world, both locally and nationally.

Third, try new things with the content you create.

How to Create a Winning Content Strategy

According to the Global Communications study, content production is currently the top priority for comms leaders worldwide. As a result, many creators are reevaluating their methods in order to find new ways to interact with their fans across various mediums. Adding multimedia to press releases can boost engagement, and repurposing press releases for multiple channels can help you generate even more content.


Start with our e-book, The Best Multimedia Content Guide for PR Success, and our blog post, Seven Ways to Extend the Reach of Your Press Release.


Using social listening can help remove the uncertainty from content development. According to the same survey, top-level communicators are utilising social listening to gain a deeper understanding of their audiences' preferences and behaviours in terms of the channels they use, the brands they interact with, the content they consume, and the messages to which they respond most favourably.


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