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Dr. Crimm at Double Lotus Acupuncture is #1 For Functional Medicine Offered in Grass Valley Ca

Health is wealth, and at Double Lotus Acupuncture, Dr. Abigail Crimm is committed to providing the best in functional medicine. The facility, located in the Grass Valley area of California just north of Sacramento, is where Dr. Crimm practices a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine to support her patients on their health journeys.

Functional medicine is “a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease” according to the Institute of Functional Medicine. This patient-centered approach allows doctors to treat the source of the chronic condition, rather than the symptoms. Instead of pharmaceutical based treatment, functional medicine encompasses alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, breath work, and nutritional therapy.

“I started this practice to help people discover the benefits of functional medicine, and I couldn’t be more proud,” says Dr. Crimm.

Dr. Crimm specializes in blood chemistry laboratory analysis, diabetes and dysglycemia, and fertility and postpartum care. Her experience in medicine goes back nearly a decade. She’s helped patients with chronic pain, infertility issues, stress, insulin resistance, and more. Many of her patients come to her at the end of their rope, having been failed by traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

“Functional medicine has gained more popularity over the years, and that’s a good thing,” says Dr. Crimm. “This helps patients not only pinpoint the root cause of illness, but also use natural methods to treat it.”

Functional medicine starts with a blood chemistry analysis. Dr. Crimm will study a patient’s lab work and analyze the source of the problem. She will then offer a personalized strategy for treating the condition, which can be a combination of natural supplements, herbs, and extracts. It may also include acupuncture, light therapy, quantum feedback and more.

“As a doctor, I’m interested in both traditional and cutting-edge functional medicines,” says Dr. Crimm. “Technology is providing us so many more options for treating a dynamic illness.”

In order to have success with functional medicine, Dr. Crimm must take a highly individualized analysis of a patient’s health, history, and lifestyle to create a health plan. She spends more time with patients, getting to know more about who they are and what possible factors could be contributing to their disease or illness. All of this empowers the patient, giving them the opportunity to not only find out what’s going on, but be involved in the decision making process of their health plan.

“Functional medicine is different, because we really take a personalized approach to each patient,” says Dr. Crimm. “This helps patients feel seen, heard, and cared for, which is important to their overall experience.”

Going in tandem with functional medicine is functional nutrition. Functional nutrition is a dietary approach to healing the body. Dr. Crimm is an expert in functional nutrition, and can help patients devise lifestyle and dietary changes where food isn’t just fuel, but medicine.

“Food is medicine,” says Dr. Crimm. “Western civilization doesn't treat food that way. Over here, food is an indulgence, which is how many health problems start. But, if we use it right, food can heal us from head to toe.”

Dr. Crimm also offers sauna sessions, which can be highly therapeutic for the whole body. Steam therapy from saunas can support sinus health, skin health, lung health and more. Additionally, ozone therapy is available at Double Lotus. Ozone therapy is an oxidation therapy that helps the body increase its production of antioxidants, including Glutathione. Ozone therapy is beneficial for destroying viruses, boosting immunity, dilating constricted blood vessels, and more.

While these approaches are nontraditional in terms of western standards, functional medicine is the way of the future, Dr. Crimm asserts.

“We’re seeing a huge resurgence of functional medicine and functional nutrition, because people are simply fed up with leaving their health in the hands of Big Pharma,” states Dr. Crimm. “Functional medicine puts the power back in the patient’s hands.”

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