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Couples Counselling Hong Kong - New HK Therapy Services Announced By Maple Tree Counselling

Central, Hong Kong -

Central, Hong Kong - Maple Tree Counselling, a boutique counselling and therapy practice in Hong Kong, is offering couples counselling services. The services are available to those who are married, newly established, non-monogamous, same-sex, and cross-cultural couples. The counselling provided differs for each couple as all relationships are unique and come with their own complex challenges.For more information visit:

One of the key issues that couples raise with Maple Tree counsellors is a failure in communication. This could be the case with a couple who has been together for a long time and the relationship has deteriorated over time, or a new couple who are starting to notice some worrisome patterns in their relationship. The couple may not even realise that communication is the problem, but when they come in for therapy, this becomes more obvious as they try to describe the problem. If the disconnect in communication is not addressed, the problem may worsen and result in a lack of intimacy, emotional distance, secrecy on important life events and money, or even infidelity.

Couples Therapy

Although every couple is unique, there are some issues that are commonly observed in couples therapy. These include: different values and expectations; trust issues; financial management; addiction; infidelity; life adjustments and changing life roles (relocation, job changes, grief, pregnancy, new parenthood, workforce changes and retirement); decisions of how to grow a family (biologically, adoption, fertility treatments); emotional and physical challenges during IVF treatments; differences in values and beliefs seen in lifestyle choices and parenting styles; managing divorce and separation processes; and co-parenting or how to manage separation conflict while ensuring the well-being of children.

Anjali Nihalchand, Co-founder and Director of Maple Tree Counselling says, “A non-judgmental third party can be invaluable in getting to the heart of the issue and enabling you to get your needs met without overwhelming conflict. It may not always be comfortable, especially with emotionally triggering topics such as infidelity, however the client will learn not only how to navigate roadblocks and issues within their relationship, but also how to soothe and emotionally regulate themselves in order to identify what they really want from their partner in their life together.”

Couples therapy may feel like a difficult undertaking because of the emotionally charged conversations and disputes that are likely to occur. Maple Tree Counselling’s trained therapists will always try to establish a safe, welcoming space in which couples are able to find where they became lost or got disconnected from each other, realise their true needs and develop a shared pathway forward.

One of the therapists at Maple Tree Counselling is Lianne Lim, who specialises in parenting work. She helps to manage differences in parenting styles and address the difficult times parents encounter, such as marital issues, illness, coping with loss and dealing with children’s problems. She employs a person-centred approach in couples counselling and guides clients to speak openly, listen empathetically and gain a better understanding of both their and their partner’s underlying wants and needs, including working towards conflict resolution.

Another therapist at the practice, Brenton Surgenor, works with a wide variety of couples, including newlyweds to retirees, and selects the most appropriate option from a range of modalities to assist couples in resolving their problems to achieve a healthy and thriving relationship. His approach to counselling and coaching couples is to help couples improve their relationships and resolve conflicts. Brenton works with LGBTQI+ couples facing relationship issues or challenges. It is important for these couples to work with a therapist who is knowledgeable about the unique experiences and challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals and couples. Maple Tree Counselling affirms and supports LGBTQI+ couples to build strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationships.

Nicola Shannon, also one of Maple Tree’s counsellors, is a Level 2 Gottman-trained specialist and works with couples one-on-one. She believes that for couples with past trauma, infidelity, or addiction, it can be useful to include elements from approaches like acceptance and commitment therapy, emotion-focused therapy, or cognitive behavioural techniques to reframe recurring unhelpful beliefs about oneself, one’s partner or relationships in general.

Frequently asked questions aboutut couples counselling are about frequency and how many sessions might be needed. ​​At least four to six sessions are recommended. Frequency of sessions is tailored according to the couple’s needs and around their busy schedules. It is key to give each partner enough time to share; therefore, Maple Tree Counselling’s couples therapy sessions are 80 minutes in duration.

Established in 2021, Maple Tree Counselling started in Hong Kong, from the shared vision of a number of colleagues and friends who wanted to respond to the rising demand for mental health services and with a genuine commitment to helping people. They have chosen the maple tree to symbolise the practice because of what it signifies for a number of cultures: strength, fertility, resilience, tolerance, protection, honour and love. Maple Tree Counselling now operates in Hong Kong, Central Victoria (serving clients from Castlemaine, Kyenton, Daylesford) as well as in the heart of Melbourne.

Those who are interested in learning more about counselling and therapy services can visit the Maple Tree Counselling website at or contact them via telephone or email.


For more information about Maple Tree Counselling, contact the company here:

Maple Tree Counselling
Anjali Nihalchand
+852 6375 6098
27th floor, World Wide House, 19 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong


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