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Peter Casciotta, Owner of Financial Advisors Firm, Advises to Make Cash Work Outside Stock Market

Cape Coral, Florida -

Asset Management & Advisory Service, a company based in Cape Floral, FL, is proud to announce that Peter Casciotta, an investment advisor and owner of the firm, has been quoted in a USA Today article on the importance of putting cash to work in savings accounts, annuities, and government securities and take advantage of the rise in interest rates. He points out that just holding cash is a sure way of losing money in view of the unusually high inflation rate. On the other hand, putting away cash into savings accounts and the like can provide some gain in view of the Federal Reserve’s policy of aggressively increasing the interest rates to fight inflation. Peter Casciotta says, “Don’t stuff it in your mattress. With inflation running at a 40-year high, that’s just losing money safely.”

With the Dow down by approximately 11 percent year-to-date, the S&P 500 declining almost 15 perdent, and Nasdaq off by about 24 percent, even putting money into good old-fashioned savings, checking, and money market accounts are expected to earn more. And one can only expect even better earnings from them because of the Federal Reserve’s rate increases.

Financial advisor

Financial advisor Peter Casciotta wants to emphasize that debt securities issued by the federal government for funding daily needs and special projects are some of the safest assets that are backed by the government. This implies that the initial investment or full principal is guaranteed to be always repaid upon maturity of these government securities and bonds. In the article, several ways of investing money to cope with inflation are presented, such as short-term T-bills, ultrasort bond funds, equity indexed annuities, and more.

Asset Management & Advisory Service offers two main services: financial advisor services and wealth management services. A financial advisors is a professional who is able to assist a client with regards to the management of personal investments and in planning for the future. When the personal finances of clients are disorganized and there is uncertainty regarding their financial standing, a financial advisor may help them to get back things on track and instill an ongoing awareness of their financial situation. They will be able to tell, for example, whether an upcoming purchase is truly affordable and establish an investment portfolio that clients can work with. The financial advisor can also help in planning for future events, such as retirement.

And with regards to wealth management, they can provide a wealth manager who will play a vital role in all of the financial issues faced by their clients. They are trained to provide holistic advice with a multi-faceted approach to matters involving wealth. These wealth managers have acquired a certain set of skills that they can use to produce varied outcomes for clients, in contrast to other professionals who only concentrate on a single area of expertise. The wealth management service provided has several key objectives, including: setting of financial goals and development of strategies to reach those goals; provision of assistance to clients to optimize their overall wealth potential; management of investments and finances; and development of strategies for passing on their wealth.

Peter Casciotta, owner of Asset Management & Advisory Services, prides himself in his ability to establish warm relationships with this clients because they know that he has their best interests at heart. He always carefully evaluates the specific needs, objectives, and risks of each client and provide an honest and straightforward recommendation. This philosophy has earned him a lot of referrals and dedicated followers in the community. He always makes it a point to follow sound financial planning practices that focus on the key areas of the client’s financial life while considering the future desired lifestyle. He holds a Series 7, Series 65, and Series 63 with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) since 1994. Peter Casciotta is a registered representative of CoreCap Investments, LLC and performs securities transactions through them.

Those who are reluctant to invest in stocks at the present time and want practical financial advice can check out the Asset Management & Advisory Services website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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