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CarGuard Administration Revamps Its Website

Phoenix, Arizona, United States - 11-22-2022 (PR Distribution™) -

CarGuard Administration is one of the industry leaders in the auto service contracts industry. The company constantly innovates to develop better products and services and improve customer experience. 

CarGuard Administration recently revamped its website to improve navigation and make the website more user-friendly. 

A visit to the company's website reveals significant tweaks to improve user experience. Now customers can enjoy a superior browsing experience as they visit the website and compare the various vehicle protection plans to find the right plan for their needs.

About CarGuard Administration

The company was founded in 2015 in Overland Park, KS, but is now headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. When the company was founded, the industry was full of administrators who ignored client needs. 

In addition, they offered inflexible vehicle protection plans that could have lived up to the expectations of their customers. 

The founders created a company that took a customer-centric approach to customer relations. The company also partnered with experienced mechanics who worked as adjusters to ensure claims were processed quickly and to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. 

This approach worked as the company attracted many customers and grew to an industry leader within five years.

What CarGuard is all About

CarGuard Administration is an administrator of auto service contracts. The company focuses on the US market but has a presence throughout North America. CarGuard offers a wide range of vehicle service contracts. Below is a list of the vehicle protection plans offered by the CarGuard Administration.

1. Platinum Plan

This package offers comprehensive coverage and comes as close as possible to becoming a bumper-to-bumper vehicle protection plan. However, it comes with some exclusions. 

The Platinum plan covers the engine, transmission, power train, suspension system, air conditioning, steering, turbo supercharge, seals and gaskets, brake components, transfer case, drive axle, and many other components. 

Consumers are urged to check the list of covered parts to stay informed. The liability coverage limit for these parts is $12,500.

2. Gold Plan

This inclusionary vehicle protection plan is the most popular with consumers as it offers extensive coverage but a much lower cost. 

It covers the engine, turbo/supercharger, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, air conditioning, steering, front and rear suspension, cooling system, brake components, fuel system, and electrical components, among other types of auto parts. 

Everything covered is usually listed in the contract, so consumers should try to read their contracts before putting pen to paper. Like the platinum program, the gold plan also comes with a $12,500 liability coverage limit. 

3. Powertrain

This is the most basic plan that CarGuard Administration offers. It comes with a $12,500 liability coverage limit and covers the following parts; engine, transmission, drive axles, transfer case, and the turbo/supercharged. These components form the power train of an automobile.

While there are only three types of vehicle protection plans, each can be enhanced or downgraded depending on the client's needs. 

For instance, someone may be interested in the most basic plan but also wants the air conditioning covered. 

CarGuard Administration can accommodate the needs of this type of client through the powertrain enhanced plan. The same rule applies to the gold and platinum plans.

By purchasing any of these plans, policyholders are entitled to free roadside assistance 24/7. They are also entitled to a free tow service when their vehicles break down. The company will also provide a free rental car for the client if their vehicle takes time to fix.

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