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Fake Dogecoin and Woofie Coin Explode - Is AiDoge the Next Dog Token to Pump?

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After the explosive rise of Pepe Coin, many memesters predicted that the shiba inu meme was on its way out. But a new round of skyrocketing doge-themed meme coins shows that the shiba inu is here to stay.

Dogecoin—not the original, but a tongue-in-cheek copy—and a token called Woofie both made huge moves after launching yesterday. As the pumps in these tokens start to wear out, traders are eyeing the next big shiba inu launch: AiDoge.

Fake Dogecoin Explodes 20,000% in 24 Hours

An imposter token called Dogecoin followed the explosive trajectory of its namesake after launching on Uniswap yesterday. The fake Dogecoin gained 19,865% in 24 hours according to DexTools.

There’s not much information about this new Dogecoin or who created it. However, traders have clearly bought into the idea of a DOGE repeat at a moment when enthusiasm for meme tokens is at an all-time high.

Since launching yesterday, the fake Dogecoin has seen $250,000 in trading volume and has $32,000 in locked liquidity.

Price action has been extremely volatile, but each trough has so far been followed by another pump. As of this writing, fake Dogecoin is priced at $0.0005308 and rising.

Woofie Gains 300%, But Pump is Fading Fast

Another shiba inu-themed meme coin, Woofie, also launched yesterday afternoon and picked up steam quickly. After listing on Uniswap, the token gained more than 300% to reach a high of $0.0000000016.

Woofie gained significantly more attention than fake Dogecoin, seeing $6.9 million in trading volume according to DexScreener. As of this writing, Woofie has $418,000 in locked liquidity.

However, the pump in Woofie hasn’t been as sustained as the pump in fake Dogecoin. Within hours of launching, the token appears to have hit its top and saw a drop-off in both price and trading volume. Woofie is down 26.5% in the last six hours.

AiDoge Launches June 19, Likely Next Shiba Inu Meme Coin to Skyrocket

Fake Dogecoin and Woofie are just whetting traders’ appetites for the next shiba inu-themed meme coin to drop. AiDoge launches June 19 and it promises to shoot for the moon.

One crypto analyst even says that AiDoge could be the next meme coin to 100X.

AiDoge has generated a ton of hype ahead of the launch. The project sold out its $14.9 million presale in just over a month. It’s also attracted more than 36,000 Twitter followers and assembled a Telegram community with more than 20,000 subscribers.

Part of what makes AiDoge so popular is that it’s not just another meme coin. It’s a meme coin that packs utility while also incorporating generative AI, one of the hottest trends in crypto.

The team behind AiDoge is building a generative AI algorithm to create viral new memes. Users just need to describe the meme they want to create and AiDoge will take care of the rest. The whole meme creation process takes seconds and doesn’t require any graphic design experience. also makes it simple to mint memes as NFTs. So, when a new meme goes viral, everyone will know who created it.

In order to create memes with AiDoge, memesters will need the platform’s ERC-20 token, $AI. Users can spend $AI to purchase credits to create memes. Alternatively, they can stake $AI to earn daily rewards in the form of meme generation credits.

This staking system ensures that users can create as many memes as they want while securing the AiDoge ecosystem and encouraging long-term investment in $AI.

Although the AiDoge presale is sold out, investors can still get in ahead of this explosive launch. The project is selling additional $AI at the list price up until launch.

On June 19, look for AiDoge to be the next meme coin to explode.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not to be taken as investment advice. Crypto is a volatile asset, do your own research before investing and only invest money you can afford to lose. We may receive commission for clicking links in this article.

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