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What Makes Celesto Unique from other Crypto

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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - (500NewsWire)--Celesto is meant to generate its own value and use of blockchain technology in innovative ways. Celesto will always place a high priority on designing the ecosystem that created the CLT Token. There is no better one-stop shop in the crypto sector. Celesto, which is based on the Binance smart chain, is one of the blockchains with the fastest growth.

As a result of advancements along this chain, Celesto is now used by a greater number of users for subscriptions and payments.

In the future, Celesto will revolutionise how money is used all over the world through a decentralised cryptocurrency ecosystem. Those who invest in cryptocurrencies and those who consume them will find that the game has changed.

So, what are you waiting for? Celesto's first stage is going to end on 5th December 2022. So Hurry up and grab this opportunity and this will be very beneficial to you in the future and they are launching their ICO at $0.001 only. Celesto offering 25% + 10% extra tokens as a bonus on every token purchase to all first stage buyers. That means the total bonus they get from the First Stage is 35%. (Condition- Those buyers to buy CLT Tokens above $100 will be considered.)

Celesto have Revolutionary Platform

As part of its democratic design, Celesto's platform allows users to stake native tokens for APR payouts in exchange for native tokens. In contrast to APY (annual percentage yield), APR (annual percentage rate) only considers regular interest. Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts are believed to favour projects that offer some type of stake return despite the dangers.

Celesto will never lose focus on creating the environment that gave rise to the CLT Tokens. This revolutionary approach led Celesto to create a user-friendly platform that makes cryptocurrency trading accessible to anyone without prior programming or mining knowledge. There is no need to sign in! In order to get started, you only need a username and password combination as your individual access code.

Celesto is receiving praise from individuals from all walks of life since it chose to give some of its portion to those in need. It is a reputable cryptocurrency with solid fundamentals.

The Celesto is somewhat distinctive in its build. The breakdown of its token consumption is as follows: Presale/public sale/ICO-33%, event-4.5%, Tech team– 1%, Bonus distribution, Staking, lending, DEX launching, Centralized exchange launching - 37.5%, Promoters and developers – 5%, Future projects - 12.5%, Others( reflection, liquidity pool, social work, marketing)- 6.5% . The total number of CLT tokens available for the ICO is 660 M (66,000,000).

Bitcoin VS. Celesto Crypto

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency, usually referred to as digital currency, has been extremely popular. Financial institutions are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Celesto as their value has grown in recent years.

In contrast to government-issued currencies, Bitcoin provides the promise of an online currency that is secure without any central authority. There are just balances linked to a public blockchain that has been cryptographically safeguarded; there are no real bitcoins.

Both Bitcoin and Celesto work on the Blockchain network basically, but Celesto works on Binance Smart Chain Technology, and both have a decentralised currency that can be transferred on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network. But Celesto has a bright future ahead because it is an advanced, hi-tech and innovative solution.

Both Bitcoin and Celesto are digital currencies, but the main goal of both is not to establish itself as a competing currency system but rather to make smart contracts, dApps, and any other blockchain-based solution that can be imagined more accessible and profitable. Both are targeting the same audience and same areas. Bitcoin and Celesto share numerous similarities. Each digital money is kept in cryptocurrency wallets and sold on online exchanges. Both employ blockchain technology and are decentralised, meaning that no central bank or other authority issues or regulates them.

In the technology industry, it is always beneficial to take calculated risks, and you wouldn't want to miss the chance to revolutionise the decentralised payments system with this crypto. If you read our white paper, you will discover the true underlying technologies and potential of the revolutionary cryptocurrency. So come visit and have some tokens to your bag!!

The site does not charge transaction fees for purchasing tokens. Investors believe Celesto is open to upcoming cryptocurrency initiatives.

One cannot thank Celesto enough for his generosity toward the community and social work. Celesto will use a percentage of his earnings towards charitable endeavours.

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