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New York child custody lawyer Juan Luciano Explains How Far a Parent Can Move with Joint Custody

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New York child custody lawyer Juan Luciano ( releases a new article explaining how far a parent can move with joint custody. The lawyer says that both parents should pursue new endeavors after a divorce. This could include exploring different career options or finding new ways to make ends meet while continuing with their lives. It is clear that it’s easier to address certain issues after divorce if both spouses are in the same place, such as visitation and child custody.

“Addressing the subject of relocating with a child after a divorce is better done with the help of a qualified New York child custody lawyer who has extensive knowledge of how each parent’s individual circumstances can affect the case,” the New York child custody lawyer says. 

The lawyer further explains the rules for relocation vary between states when parents have joint custody. New York does not have a set distance that a parent can move with their child. New York’s family courts decide custody and relocation cases on a case-by-case basis. This is based on the best interest of the child. The court may consider disruptions in visitations as well as the best interest of the child.

In a spouse’s divorce or custody agreement, the subject of relocation may be addressed. The judge may order that either parent remains in the same geographic area, such as New York City or boroughs. Or both parents can agree to limit their travel. The custodial parent may petition the court to allow them to move if the custody order doesn’t address relocation.

Attorney Juan Luciano adds that if a parent is planning on moving with their child, it is important to notify the co-parent. The chances of getting approved by the court for the relocation may be increased if both parents work together to resolve issues such as visitation or a new parenting schedule. Parents should try to be friendly or civil with each other, especially if they have joint custody.

In the article, the lawyer adds, “Regardless of how near or how far the move would be, parents who are required to pay child support through an order would need to continue paying child support. The Interstate Child Support Unit has the authority to modify and enforce existing child support orders from another state or another country. The Law Department also has the ability to continue garnishing wages from a non-paying parent and can charge a payor parent with nonpayment of child support which can result in a criminal conviction.”

Lastly, attorney Juan Luciano believes that having a skilled attorney in matters such as child custody and divorce makes all the difference. A skilled attorney may be able to help the client receive a more favorable outcome in the divorce case. 

About Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer

Juan Luciano has spent his career in the complex legal world of family law. He has earned a reputation for excellence at the negotiation table as well as when in court. He is also fluent in Spanish. Contact us today at (718) 519-8336 to set up an appointment for a consultation with Bronx family law attorney Juan Luciano.


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Mr. Luciano believes in minimizing the inevitable conflicts that arise during divorce and custody negotiations and guiding his clients to a place where they are able to make objective decisions for the protection of their families and their future.

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