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Brooklyn Slip and Fall Lawyer Samantha Kucher Explains the Differences Between Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Accidents

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Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer Samantha Kucher ( releases a new article explaining the differences between trip and fall accidents and slip and fall accidents. The lawyer mentions that there it is common for people to interchange the terms slip and fall and trip and fall when referring to accidents involving a fall. However, there is a difference between those two terms. 

“A slip occurs when a portion of your foot or footwear comes into contact with a slippery surface or substance. In other words, it’s a surface where it is difficult to stand or hold firmly causing your footwear to slide or slip forcing you to lose your balance and fall. A trip occurs when your foot or footwear comes into contact with an object that ceases it from moving forward causing you to fall. Sometimes a case may involve both a slip and a trip,” says the Brooklyn slip and fall lawyer

The lawyer explains that each type of fall may result in different kinds of injuries. Often, victims who slip and end up falling backward sustain injuries involving the back of the head and neck.  The back, spinal cord, hips, ankles, and sometimes wrists. On the other hand, victims who have tripped, end up hurting their face, hands, arms, knees, and feet.

Attorney Samantha Kucher says that it can be complicated to sue the responsible party for these kinds of accidents. The most important thing when it comes to fall cases is to figure out the cause of the fall and how it happened. If it is safe, the victim should also take photos or videos of the location where they fell. 

In the article, the lawyer also mentions that the difference between a slip and fall and a trip and fall accident is important for the court. The difference is important because evidence must be collected and it must be proven that the accident may have been foreseeable and the injuries sustained by the victim would have been preventable. 

According to the accident attorney, “Falls can happen almost anywhere. Because you spend so much time at work, it is almost certain that there will be falls. This is especially true if your job involves dangerous work such as construction. Falling at work happens so frequently that it is one of the leading reasons for lost productivity. Workers call in more often for a fall-related injury than for any other reason.”

Lastly, attorney Samantha Kucher emphasizes the importance of having a skilled slip-and-fall accident lawyer when someone has been the victim of an accident caused by someone’s negligence. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the victim seek compensation and receive what they deserve for their injuries.

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