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STARAY Shines at Milan Design Week: Chinese 3D Printing Empowers the Rise of Global Fashion!

From April 15th to 21st, Milan Design Week · China Week grandly opened, attracting the attention of the global fashion industry. With the theme "Centennial Chinatown, Splendid Chinese Trend," this event brought together numerous outstanding Chinese brands to jointly present an extraordinary international fashion feast. Among them, the emerging Chinese brand STARAY wowed the audience with its unique 3D-printed footwear, showcasing the perfect fusion of personalized design and cutting-edge technology, and conveying the innovative power and fashion charm of Chinese brands to the world.

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As a new-generation Chinese fashion brand, STARAY made its debut on the international stage by participating in the showcase of Milan Design Week · China Week. With its advanced 3D-printing technology and excellent design concepts, it opened a new era of wearable apparel for the public. In particular, the world's first 3D-printed slippers designed and realized through AIGC, quickly caught the audience's attention with its novel design and unexpected comfort. Additionally, STARAY's 3D-printed sport and casual shoe collection received great acclaim. This collection adjusts the sole support strength by changing the lattice density to meet the needs of different individuals, providing multidimensional coverage for outdoor activities, urban exploration, fitness, and more. Whether in terms of appearance or performance, these 3D-printed footwear products have received certification from the industry and gained popularity among consumers, allowing the brand to win multiple international design awards such as the Red Dot and IF.

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In addition to product utility, fashion design is also an eternal pursuit for STARAY. As early as the Keqiao Fashion Week 23 years ago, STARAY began its connection with the international fashion scene. At the exhibition, renowned figures in the fashion industry such as Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the Italian Fashion Association, and Alexander Benati, President of the Central European Designers Association, expressed strong praise and expectations for STARAY's 3D-printed shoes. This year, these 3D-printed shoes have also ignited a fashion trend in China, stunning audiences at AW Beijing Fashion Week, Shanghai Fashion Week, and other fashion exhibitions, becoming an endless source of inspiration for countless designers and spectators. It is a fashion revolution ignited by STARAY, a shining moment in global trend development. Whether it's the sleek and streamlined appearance design of the shoes or the innovative and transcendent color schemes, they demonstrate STARAY's profound understanding and unique expression of fashion, awakening users' inner perception and longing for beauty. 

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With the development of the economy, China has become one of the largest additive manufacturing markets in the world. As a leading consumer brand in this technology, STARAY faces not only competition from domestic companies but also tests from many international markets. The reason why STARAY has been able to stand out and achieve success is its continuous exploration and innovation. By utilizing digital intelligent platforms for creativity and design, STARAY has created a series of 3D-printed products that not only harness the productivity advantages of the technology but also possess aesthetic expressions. This fusion of technology and fashion not only prompts a reevaluation of shoemaking craftsmanship but also brings new considerations to the fashion industry.

While pursuing fashion, STARAY also emphasizes the integration of quality and efficiency. In its product manufacturing, STARAY employs HALS ultra-fast photopolymerization 3D printing technology, which increases the speed of 3D-printed shoe production by 20-100 times, reducing resource consumption and achieving energy savings. The fashion industry, as one of the most polluting industries in the world, is responsible for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions and entails significant resource consumption, with footwear being a major contributor to this consumption. The technology adopted by STARAY has changed the traditional shoe production model by incorporating green and low-carbon elements into the genetic makeup of its products. With its leadership in technology, STARAY shoulders the social responsibility of a Chinese brand and contributes to the grand goal of global sustainability.

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After the exhibition, the founder of STARAY, CEO of Hangzhou Staray Technology Co., Ltd, Luo Jie, did not immediately return but instead visited local markets in Milan with the 3D-printed shoes, collecting real user feedback and seeking new inspiration to optimize and upgrade future products. She also hopes to maximize the advantages of this technology and production model by creating 3D-printed products in various fields such as creative furniture, fitness equipment, and cultural and creative products. By bringing these products closer to consumers' daily lives and actual needs and incorporating more elements of technology and fashion, STARAY aims to rejuvenate and enhance the lives of the public. This progressive yet accumulative approach will make STARAY competitive in the global market and showcase the innovative power of Chinese brands to the world.

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Looking to the future, the founder of STARAY expresses the commitment to continue embracing innovation, seizing the strategic opportunities of Chinese manufacturing, and continuously enhancing the technological content and fashion sense of their products. At the same time, STARAY will actively expand into international markets, promote the spirit and essence of Chinese brands and culture, and collaborate with more excellent partners to drive the development of the global fashion industry.

Fashion revolution is a transcendence of the self, and STARAY exemplifies this concept. They always consider themselves as the competition, meticulously refining a product from algorithms, structures, materials, processes, and craftsmanship. They continuously strive to advance their products towards the direction of "ultra-light, ultra-flexible, and ultra-transparent," progressing in research and development, leveraging technological breakthroughs to enhance performance, and using flexible manufacturing to achieve rapid product iterations.

In the era of the rising "Made in China," STARAY's integration of technology and fashion opens up more possibilities for the global fashion industry and represents a new chapter for the new generation of Chinese brands on the international stage.

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