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Vishay high voltage ceramic doorknob capacitor replacement and alternative by HVC Capacitor – 715 and 660 Series

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China, Shenzhen – Aug 23, 2021 – VISHAY, a leading Amercian component manufacturer have expand its high voltage doorknob ceramic disc capacitor 715 series and Axial lead 660 series (same epoxy potted product). To fulfill the market which Murata and AVX just quit since mid of 2018. Murata E.O.L series is DHS and DHK (was popular globally), while AVX discontinue range is HP and HD series. (majorly in west European market)

HVC Capacitor as emerging brand of high voltage ceramic capacitors, is best option for alternative and replacement for Vishay, Murata and AVX doorknob capacitors. Solving the problem like “Vishay” super long production lead-time 20 weeks up and comparable higher price. During this Covid-19 pandemic situation, using HVC Capacitor is really critical for keeping a fairly lead time and maintain reasonable procurement budget. 

1) Vishay announced they offer the most broadest capacitance option in the industry. Like Voltage 10kv to 50kv, and Capacitance from 100pf to 20000pf. We can see from their catalogue maximun item is N4700 50kv 1700pf in a diameter of 60mm. And HVC Capacitor already supply to European customer for 100kv 500pf N4700,same as AVX did. As in capacitance aspect, HVC Capacitor offer creative double even triple ceramic disc parallel to have 50kv 8000pf N4700, in diameter of 80mm. Peope may seeing Vishay have 10 or 20kv in 20000pf, but remember Y5U class II ceramic dielectric is can’t comparable to Class I N4700(T3M) in many mean.Especially in Power electricity and high voltage pulse discharge application, Class II Z5U or more popular Y5U capacitors could not survival.

2) Vishay’s Cera-mite produce in north America, since Vishay’s big amount of customer base and impact of pandemic,Vishay hold a lead time up from 20 weeks. And HVC Capacitor production lead time keeping in 5 to 6 weeks.some popular model like 40kv 2000pf and 1000pf keeping big amount of stock.

3) Vishay’s market aim to catch the original market segment from Murata and AVX, but we see there is some different of their testing standing among different brand, it is not easy to say the famous A brand easily to replace the famous B. From 2018 HVC Capacitor already receive many Murata and AVX replacement project from Fortune 500 companies like GE Health-care, BHGE, NIKON, Konica, ABB, Johnson and Johnson and many more,which holding the world most strict and complicate testing procedure and standard. HVC Capacitor can pass means already in world first tier product. 

4) HVC Capacitor work with State owned military grade institute to offer patent owned ceramic dielectric in N4700, NP0, N750 etc. Capacitor majorly application in medical X ray, air purifier, voltage multiplier, laser pulse equipment (Marx generator), power line transmission, sensing, and coupling etc. For pulse charge and discharge circuit required capacitor with highest level of Insulation resistance. And power electricity relay application required very low to zero partial discharge effect. HVC Capacitor can handle all above mention tough application.

5) Vishay’s 660 series is unmornaly and newly seems product range with same epoxy potted but in axial lead connection. It in a smaller size doorknob in diameter less than 40mm.This type of capacitor meet the application that need very high voltage withstand or even AC rated application but need a compact size and required connection to traditional PCB board. Compare to traditional blue color ceramic disc radial capacitor only with 50 to 60kvdc maximun voltage withstand. 660 axial series can withstand voltage in 70 to 80kvdc or equivalent 20kvac. Some advance medical MRI and CT manufacturer need these capacitor and HVC Capacitor also can offer replacement model for Vishay’s 660 seriess.

Following detail introduction of HVC Capacitor doorknob capacitor series:

Here listing Vishay’s 715 and 660 series vs HVC Capacitor’s alternative and replacement model:

715C10KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-561K(10KV 560PF N4700)

715C10KTT68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-681K(10KV 680PF N4700)

715C10KTT82 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-821K(10KV 820PF N4700)

715C10KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-102K(10KV 1000PF N4700)

715C10KTD12 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-122K(10KV 1200PF N4700)

715C10KTD18 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-182K(10KV 1800PF N4700)

715C10KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-222K(10KV 2200PF N4700)

715C10KTD28 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL30-282K(10KV 2800PF N4700)

715C10KTD39 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL45-392K(10KV 3900PF N4700)

715C10KTD50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL55-502K(10KV 5000PF N4700)

715C10KTD68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL55-682K(10KV 6800PF N4700)

715C10KTD80 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-DL60-800K(10KV 8200PF N4700)

715C15KTT37 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-371K(15KV 370PF N4700)

715C15KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-561K(15KV 560PF N4700) 

715C15KTT75 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL30-751K(15KV 750PF N4700) 

715C15KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL32-102K(15KV 1000PF N4700) 

715C15KTD11 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL32-112K(15KV 1100PF N4700) 

715C15KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-152K(15KV 1500PF N4700) 

715C15KTD19 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL38-192K(15KV 1900PF N4700) 

715C15KTD27 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL45-272K(15KV 27000PF N4700) 

715C15KTD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL48-332K(15KV 3300PF N4700) 

715C15KTD34 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL52-342K(15KV 3400PF N4700) 

715C15KTD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL56-472K(15KV 4700PF N4700) 

715C15KTD53 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-DL60-532K(15KV 5300PF N4700) 

715C20KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-201K(20KV 200PF N4700)     

715C20KTT28 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-281K(20KV 280PF N4700)     

715C20KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-401K(20KV 400PF N4700)     

715C20KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-561K(20KV 560PF N4700)     

715C20KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-701K(20KV 700PF N4700)     

715C20KTT88 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-881K(20KV 8800PF N4700)

715C20KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL30-102K(20KV 1000PF N4700)

715C20KTD14 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL40-142K(20KV 1400PF N4700)

715C20KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL45-172K(20KV 1700PF N4700)

715C20KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL45-222K(20KV 2200PF N4700)

715C20KTD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL50-252K(20KV 2500PF N4700)

715C20KTD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL55-332K(20KV 3300PF N4700)

715C20KTD40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-DL60-402K(20KV 4000PF N4700)

715C30KTT19 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-191K(30KV 190PF N4700)

715C30KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-201K(30KV 200PF N4700) 

715C30KTT33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-331K(30KV 330PF N4700) 

715C30KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-401K(30KV 400PF N4700) 

715C30KTT59 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL30-591K(30KV 590PF N4700) 

715C30KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL40-701K(30KV 700PF N4700)

715C30KTT94 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL40-941K(30KV 940PF N4700)

715C30KTD12 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL45-122K(30KV 1200PF N4700)

715C30KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL50-152K(30KV 1500PF N4700)

715C30KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL50-172K(30KV 1700PF N4700)

715C30KTD22 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL55-222K(30KV 2200PF N4700)

715C30KTD27 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-DL60-272K(30KV 2700PF N4700)

715C40KTT10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-101K(40KV 100PF N4700)

715C40KTT14 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-141K(40KV 140PF N4700) 

715C40KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-201K(40KV 200PF N4700) 

715C40KTT30 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-301K(40KV 300PF N4700) 

715C40KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-401K(40KV 400PF N4700) 

715C40KTT44 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL30-441K(40KV 440PF N4700) 

715C40KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL40-561K(40KV 560PF N4700) 

715C40KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL40-701K(40KV 700PF N4700) 

715C40KTT85 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-851K(40KV 850PF N4700) 

715C40KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL45-102K(40KV 1000PF N4700) 

715C40KTD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL50-132K(40KV 1300PF N4700)

715C40KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL50-152K(40KV 1500PF N4700) 

715C40KTD20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-DL60-202K(40KV 2000PF N4700) 

715C50KTT10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-101K(50KV 100PF N4700)

715C50KTT20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-201K(50KV 200PF N4700) 

715C50KTT33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-331K(50KV 330PF N4700)

715C50KTT40 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL30-401K(50KV 400PF N4700) 

715C50KTT47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL40-471K(50KV 470PF N4700) 

715C50KTT56 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL40-561K(50KV 560PF N4700)  

715C50KTT70 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL45-701K(50KV 700PF N4700) 

715C50KTT85 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL45-851K(50KV 850PF N4700) 

715C50KTD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL50-102K(50KV 1000PF N4700) 

715C50KTD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL55-132K(50KV 1300PF N4700) 

715C50KTD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL55-152K(50KV 1500PF N4700) 

715C50KTD17 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-50KV-DL60-172K(50KV 1700PF N4700)

715C10DKS10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-E45-103M(10KV 10000PF Y5U)

715C10DKS20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-10KV-E55-203K(10KV 20000PF Y5U) 

715C15DKD15 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E30-152M(15KV 1500PF Y5U)

715C15DKD20 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E40-202M(15KV 2000PF Y5U)

715C15DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E45-332M(15KV 3300PF Y5U)

715C15DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E30-472M(15KV 4700PF Y5U)

715C15DKS10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-15KV-E45-103M(15KV 10000PF Y5U)

715C20DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E30-501M(20KV 500PF Y5U)

715C20DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E30-102M(20KV 1000PF Y5U)

715C20DKD13 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E40-132M(20KV 1300PF Y5U)

715C20DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E45-252M(20KV 2500PF Y5U)

715C20DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E45-332M(20KV 3300PF Y5U)

715C20DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E55-472M(20KV 4700PF Y5U)

715C20DKD68 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-20KV-E60-682M(20KV 6800PF Y5U)

715C30DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-501M(30KV 500PF Y5U)

715C30DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-102M(30KV 1000PF Y5U)

715C30DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-252M(30KV 2500PF Y5U)

715C30DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E45-332M(30KV 3300PF Y5U)

715C30DKD47 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-30KV-E60-472M(30KV 4700PF Y5U)

715C40DKT30 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E30-301M(40KV 300PF Y5U)

715C40DKT50 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E30-501M(40KV 500PF Y5U)

715C40DKT78 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-781M(40KV 780PF Y5U)

715C40DKD10 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-102M(40KV 1000PF Y5U) 

715C40DKD16 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E45-162M(40KV 1600PF Y5U) 

715C40DKD25 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E55-252M(40KV 2500PF Y5U) 

715C40DKD33 —- HVC item:HVCT8G-40KV-E60-332M(40KV 3300PF Y5U)

Axial lead 660 series:

660R10AZT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-471K(10KV 470PF N4700)

660R10AZD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-102K(10KV 1000PF N4700) 

660R10AZD20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-DL30-202K(10KV 2000PF N4700) 

660R10ACT18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-181K(10KV 180PF X7R)

660R10ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-221K(10KV 220PF X7R) 

660R10ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-331K(10KV 330PF X7R) 

660R10ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-471K(10KV 470PF X7R) 

660R10ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-681K(10KV 680PF X7R) 

660R10ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-102K(10KV 1000PF X7R) 

660R10ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-152K(10KV 1500PF X7R) 

660R10ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-222K(10KV 2200PF X7R) 

660R10ACD33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X30-332K(10KV 3300PF X7R) 

660R10ACD47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-X40-472K(10KV 4700PF X7R) 

660R10AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-152M(10KV 1500PF Z5U)

660R10AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-222M(10KV 2200PF Z5U) 

660R10AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-332M(10KV 3300PF Z5U) 

660R10AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E30-472M(10KV 4700PF Z5U) 

660R10AED68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E40-682M(10KV 6800PF Z5U)

660R10AES10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-10KV-E40-103M(10KV 10000PF Z5U) 

660R15AZT39 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL30-391M(15KV 390PF N4700)

660R15AZT82 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL30-821M(15KV 820PF N4700)  

660R15AZD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-DL40-152M(10KV 1500PF N4700)  

660R15ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-101M(15KV 100PF X7R) 

660R15ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-221M(15KV 220PF X7R)  

660R15ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-331M(15KV 330PF X7R)  

660R15ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-471M(15KV 470PF X7R)  

660R15ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-681M(15KV 680PF X7R)  

660R15ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-102M(15KV 1000PF X7R)  

660R15ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-152M(15KV 1500PF X7R)  

660R15ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X30-222M(15KV 2200PF X7R)  

660R15ACD33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X40-332M(15KV 3300PF X7R)  

660R15ACD39 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-X40-392M(15KV 3900PF X7R )  

660R15AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-102M(15KV 1000PF Z5U) 

660R15AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-152M(15KV 1500PF Z5U)  

660R15AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-222M(15KV 2200PF Z5U)  

660R15AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-332M(15KV 3300PF Z5U)  

660R15AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E30-472M(15KV 4700PF Z5U)  

660R15AED68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-15KV-E40-682M(15KV 6800PF Z5U)   

660R20AZT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-221K(20KV 220PF N4700)  

660R20AZT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-681K(20KV 680PF N4700)   

660R20AZD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-102M(20KV 1000PF N4700)   

660R20ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-101M(20KV 100PF X7R)  

660R20ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-221M(20KV 220PF X7R)   

660R20ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-331M(20KV 330PF X7R)   

660R20ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-471M(20KV 470PF X7R)   

660R20ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-681M(20KV 680PF X7R)   

660R20ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-102M(20KV 1000PF X7R)   

660R20ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X30-152M(20KV 1500PF X7R)   

660R20ACD22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-222M(20KV 2200PF X7R)   

660R20ACD25 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-252M(20KV 2500PF X7R)   

660R20ACD27 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-X40-272M(20KV 2700PF X7R)   

660R20AET68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-E30-681M(20KV 680PF Z5U)  

660R20AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-E30-102M(20KV 1000PF Z5U)  

660R20AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-152M(20KV 1500PF Z5U)   

660R20AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-222M(20KV 2200PF Z5U)   

660R20AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL30-332M(20KV 3300PF Z5U)   

660R20AED47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL40-472M(20KV 4700PF Z5U)   

660R20AED50 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-20KV-DL40-502M(20KV 5000PF Z5U)   

660R30AZT18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-181K(30KV 180PF N4700) 

660R30AZT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-471K(30KV 470PF N4700)  

660R30AZT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-DL30-681K(30KV 680PF N4700)  

660R30ACT10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-101M(30KV 100PF X7R) 

660R30ACT22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-221M(30KV 220PF X7R)  

660R30ACT33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-331K(30KV 330PF X7R)  

660R30ACT47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-471K(30KV 470PF X7R)  

660R30ACT68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-681K(30KV 680PF X7R)  

660R30ACD10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X30-102M(30KV 1000PF X7R)  

660R30ACD15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X40-152M(30KV 1500PF X7R)  

660R30ACD20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-X40-202M(30KV 2000PF X7R)  

660R30AET47 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-471M(30KV 470PF Z5U) 

660R30AET68 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-681M(30KV 680PF Z5U)  

660R30AET82 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-821M(30KV 820PF Z5U)  

660R30AED10 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-102M(30KV 1000PF Z5U)  

660R30AED12 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-122M(30KV 1200PF Z5U)  

660R30AED15 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E30-152M(30KV 1500PF Z5U)  

660R30AED18 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-182M(30KV 1800PF Z5U)  

660R30AED20 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-202M(30KV 2000PF Z5U)  

660R30AED22 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-222M(30KV 2200PF Z5U)  

660R30AED25 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-252M(30KV 2500PF Z5U)  

660R30AED30 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-302M(30KV 3000PF Z5U)  

660R30AED33 —- HVC item:HVCT9G-30KV-E40-332M(30KV 3300PF Z5U)

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