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Endava Creates Agentic AI Industry Accelerator For Highly Regulated Industries

Data backed solutions provide truly transparent and traceable large language models

Endava (NYSE ‘DAVA’), a leading technology services company combining world-class engineering, industry expertise and a people-centric mindset, today announces the launch of its innovative agentic AI industry accelerator, internally designated as 'Morpheus'. The first of its kind, the accelerator and its AI-powered industry tools combine the power of data and multi-agent autonomous teams to tackle complex challenges across all industries, including highly regulated fields like healthcare, insurance, financial services and private equity.

To date, large language models (LLMs) and AI have existed in a 'black box' with little insight into how the systems arrive at the answers they provide. Endava is changing this by operationalising LLMs around data to overcome common barriers caused by hallucinations, ensuring that all activity is transparent, knowable, and critically, auditable. Rolling out throughout regulated industries, Endava’s agentic accelerator can be used to deliver value in countless ways such as helping insurers with underwriting policies more efficiently, working with analysts on legal or financial research and due diligence efforts and driving the development and testing of new healthcare products.

'Morpheus' represents the first significant step in applying advanced language model operations to automate complex processes within industries with strict regulatory requirements or data transparency needs. The heart of the design is based on three foundational themes:

  1. Data at the core with full transparency
  2. Teams of agents to break down complex workflows
  3. Dynamic scaling of teams to accelerate processes

Lead AI agents distribute workload amongst a team of specialist agents, collating their results and orchestrating the next workflow steps while also capturing data for traceability and governance at every step. LLM- and cloud-agnostic, Endava’s AI accelerator is a flexible and trustworthy way to rapidly transform businesses across any industry.

Creating data products in this way enables an entirely new avenue of thinking about autonomous teams, removing the notion of constraints and freeing up entire workforces to do more meaningful work.

Matt Cloke, Chief Technology Officer at Endava says, “The introduction of multi-agent teams into our agentic AI industry accelerators is a game-changer for the sectors we serve. 'Morpheus’ will bring new levels of intelligence and synergy to industries that need it, and this is only the beginning. Multi-agent teams represent a significant advancement in AI technology, allowing for more dynamic, flexible and comprehensive problem-solving capabilities. We see it solving complex industry challenges, optimising processes and delivering unprecedented value to businesses and their customers – and we believe there are limitless possibilities as to its long-term application.

By bringing in our wealth of engineering and data expertise, we’re turning the mystery of AI into something that is transparent and auditable for those industries that need it most. Endava's continued commitment to innovation and excellence in AI is evident in the design of this accelerator, which promises to redefine industry standards and pave the way for a new era of digital transformation while continuing to evolve with people at the heart of its design,” adds John Cotterell, CEO at Endava.

For additional details on how Endava's agentic AI industry accelerator and its AI-powered tools are redefining possibilities, please visit


Technology is our how. And people are our why. By combining world-class engineering, industry expertise and a people-centric mindset, we consult and partner with our customers to create technological solutions that drive innovation and transform businesses. From ideation to production, we support our customers with tailor-made solutions across various industries and all around the world.

Endava services clients in Payments, Banking and Capital Markets, Insurance, TMT, Consumer Products, Retail, Mobility and Healthcare. As of December 31, 2023, 11,539 Endavans provided services from our locations in European Union countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Sweden), non-European Union countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay), Asia-Pacific (Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam), North America (Canada and the United States), and the Middle East (United Arab Emirates).


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