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Smart Wifi Plus Interconnection Smoke Alarm: Warning Of Nanjing Fire Tragedy

Recently, a fire accident in Nanjing caused 15 deaths and injured 44 people, once again sounding the safety alarm. Faced with such a tragedy, we can't help but ask: If there is a smoke alarm that can effectively warn and respond in time, can casualties be avoided or reduced? The answer is yes. The smart WiFi interconnected smoke alarm is just such a technological product that can save lives.


Compared with traditional smoke alarms, smart WiFi-connected smoke alarms not only have the function of sending alarms in a timely manner, but can also realize remote monitoring and real-time notification through WiFi connection. Once smoke is detected, it will quickly sound a high-decibel alarm and notify the user immediately through the TUYA APP on the mobile phone. In this way, even if you are not at home or busy, you can quickly know the fire situation and take timely response measures.


This smart smoke alarm uses advanced sensor technology to detect smoke accurately and quickly, ensuring all-round safety monitoring without blind spots. In addition, it also supports the connection of smoke alarm devices with only interconnection functions to achieve more convenient, efficient and low-cost security.

The fire tragedy in Nanjing once again reminds us that safety is no small matter. In the face of potential fire risks, smart WiFi-connected smoke alarms have become our right assistant in protecting lives and property.

Our smoke alarm feature highlights:

Advanced photoelectric detection: high sensitivity, fast response, ensuring early fire detection;

Dual emission technology: triple prevention of false alarms, accurate identification of smoke signals;

MCU automatic processing: Provide stable product performance and reduce the risk of false alarms;

High decibel alarm sound: Make sure the alarm can be heard in every corner of your home;

Multiple monitoring mechanisms: sensor failure monitoring and battery voltage prompts to protect your safety at all times;

Wireless WiFi connection: Push alarm information to the mobile APP in real time to control home security anytime and anywhere;

Smart interconnection function: Connect with interconnected devices (our interconnection smoke alarms/wifi interconnection smoke alarms) to achieve all-round home security protection;

Humanized design: APP remote silencer, automatic reset, manual mute, easy to operate;

International authoritative certification: TUV Rheinland European standard EN14604 smoke detection certification, quality assurance;

Anti-radio frequency interference: Strongly resist electromagnetic interference to ensure stable operation;

Convenient installation: small size, equipped with wall mounting bracket, easy to install.

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