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A Foot Soldier In The Fourth Industrial Revolution Pens An Amazon Best-Seller About His Life Working With The Most Powerful Technologies Ever Produced

A Foot Soldier In The Fourth Industrial Revolution Pens An Amazon Best-Seller About His Life Working With The Most Powerful Technologies Ever Produced
Book Cover
“Jeffrey Cooper's FOOT SOLDIER IN THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION does a good job of detailing the way technology has altered industry and society. By countering these facts with a warm personal memoir packed with family details, the author reveals the human side of the latest industrial revolution.” - Kent Lane for IndieReader

America is amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which combines advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, genetic engineering, quantum computing, and other technologies. A man who was there, behind the scenes of some of the biggest hi-tech companies for nearly a half-century while these inventions were discovered and marketed, has written a unique business memoir that sheds light on the collective work that went into creating today’s advanced, disruptive technologies: Foot Soldiers In The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Jeffrey Cooper 

The amazon best-seller was penned by Cooper, who spent decades in finance and supply chain management for industry leaders GE Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, ABB, and ASML. It is one-part technology memoir, one-part computer history. It debuted as Amazon’s No. 1 new release in technology biography and No. 2 new release in computer industry history.  

“I was a foot soldier in the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” proclaims Cooper. “When working on cutting-edge technology, the pressure from the global marketplace is intense. There were days when I thought I might die of a heart attack from the stress. Nevertheless, I am happy to have played a part in the inexorable march of technology.”

Cooper is available to discuss the following in an interview:

  • Insights on what it is like to have a long and successful career in hi-tech.
  • How one handles anxiety and depression while working in a high-stress industry.
  • What he witnessed while working with teams on robots, satellites, and radar systems.
  • Why armies of engineers need critical finance supply chain support to innovate and distribute complex systems – and how he played a critical role in overcoming supply issues.
  • What it was like to work with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) semiconductor lithography tools, humanity’s most complex precision system ever developed.
  • How he worked with engineers and suppliers to develop the sale of high-precision, high-speed motors, and robots that are used in every EUV tool.  

Working in a high-stakes, frenetic-paced industry, Cooper battled anxiety, stress, and depression. Two of his marriages went south. While achieving major success in his field, his personal life absorbed a heavy toll. His book takes a candid, page-turning look at life in the high-tech trenches during a revolutionary time. His book is about the human experience and about the technologies that are dramatically changing our world.  

“It was very important for me to be honest about my life,” he adds. “In today’s Instagram world, where people post their life as a perfect life, with perfect vacations, possessions, families, and houses, it is important not to be sucked into a superficial view of life. The human experience is more than just the good times. We all have hard times, and struggle is a part of life. And when we read about someone else being honest about their struggles, we learn that we are not alone.”  

Cooper is also available to discuss:

  • The chip shortage and tech supply-chain crisis solution.
  • The trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Predictions of future technological advances.
  • Exciting career paths available to a new generation of tech industry workers.
  • Whether AI will ever outperform human intelligence and develop the capacity for exponential self-improvement.
  • How he deals with a recent diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy.  

“An infusion of technological advances have already taken place, but I have no doubt that the best is yet to come,” says Cooper.  

“I will always feel honored to have been involved with the successful creation of EUV scanners. One hundred percent of the most advanced microchips globally are manufactured with an ASML extreme ultraviolet lithography tool. No other company in the world can build an EUV scanner. Each machine is the size of a bus and costs $150,000,000. As bright as the past has been, so much more awaits us.”

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