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“The Burden of Brilliance” Hit the Shelves to Help Geniuses Identify Their Gift

"The Burden of Brilliance" Hit the Shelves to Help Geniuses Identify Their Gift
Dr. Valérie Foussier, along with co-authors Aron Mueller and Tehmina Ilyas, launches her book "The Burden of Brilliance: thriving as an Individual with high potential" to Help High Potential Individuals unlock their full potential.

Dubai, UAE - October 19, 2023 - In a world that celebrates talent and brilliance, the life of a High Potential Individual (HP) often appears dazzling from the outside. However, the reality of living with extraordinary capacities, talents, and endless possibilities comes with its own set of challenges and burdens. Today, we are excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking book, The Burden of Brilliance, which delves into the intricate world of High Potential Individuals, offering a unique perspective on their experiences and a guide to thriving in a world that doesn't always understand them.

The Burden of Brilliance explores the contrasting emotions that define the journey of HP individuals – empathy and overwhelm, kindness and frustration, admiration and alienation, resilience and despair. It takes readers deep into the hearts and minds of HPs, shedding light on their struggles and triumphs, all while providing essential tools and clarity for HPs as well as their loved ones.

This book isn't just a read; it's a compelling guide designed to empower High Potential Individuals to embrace their uniqueness, overcome challenges, and find joy and freedom within the complexity of their experiences. The book is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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About the Authors

Dr. Valérie Foussier is an endocrinologist for both adults and children, and the author of various medical works. Following her pediatric experience, she wrote several books about High Potential Individuals and their need for specific consideration by medical communities and other institutional bodies. The primary idea behind The Burden of Brilliance was originally produced by Dr. Foussier in French language.

Aron Mueller is a retired professor. From 1980 to 2004, he taught at various institutions in Switzerland, France, Germany, USA and Israel. Has been striving from early childhood to maximize his Cartesian exercise with the intention to find the principles of ‘what is' by relentlessly asking ‘why’ for which he was given the nickname ‘pourquoi’ - ‘why’ in his mother tongue, French. This quest led him to develop expertise in philosophy, psychology, and theology ultimately uniting them into epistemology. Upon discovering Dr. Foussier's book on HP adults, Rabbi Aron Mueller was immediately enthralled. Recognizing its value, and wishing he himself had found it forty years earlier, he convinced Dr. Foussier to condense her ideas on HPs and allow him to join her in an English-language publication on the subject.

Tehmina Ilyas is a published author from Pakistan and a content marketing specialist. Despite having exceptional capabilities and talent, Tehmina often felt burdened and held herself accountable for things out of her control. Many times, her excessive empathy and kindness toward others caused her suffering and pain. Aron approached Tehmina almost a year ago to join in authoring the English version of this book. It was then that she realized she herself is an HP. Hence, she diligently undertook the task and successfully achieved it, as manifested throughout this book.

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