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ZT Club talks to Kommunitas CEO Mr. Robby Jeo, looking forward to the value vision of KOM

At 9:00 on August 4th, Singapore time, CEO of Kommunitas, Mr. Robby Jeo visited ZT Club, shared KOM with users and looked forward to the value prospect of KOM.


At the beginning of the live AMA, Mr. Robby Jeo introduced Kommunitas to users, the word Kommunitas was inspired by the original word of Community, which is from the Latin word Communitas, meaning “the same”. Therefore, Kommunitas is a community, which share the same vision and goal to get a capital gain in the cryptocurrency space.

Kommunitas is a decentralized and tier-less Launchpad. KOM, our native token was built on Polygon Chain, however we can accept project from other blockchain as well. Like previously,  we were conducting Public Sale for SolChicks and Arenum which were Solana based game. Our goal is to create a more fair launchpad, where users from all different background can have the opportunity to participate in a public sale / IDO. Previously, in a launchpad, you need to have at least $1000-$2000 worth of the project token to be able to participate in the Public Sale.

Mr.Robby Jeo believes that Kommunitas can stand out in the Launchpad platform mainly because of the following three advantages;

A. Tier-Less System

The amount of allocation a user receives is proportional to the amount of KOM they stake, with no tiers and barriers to entry. This means all KOM holders will have a chance to participate in our Launchpad, regardless of their comfortable investment limit, ridding them of any stress induced when they’re required to hold a minimum number of tokens to participate in a Public Sale. So, the more KOM token they staked, the more allocation they will get.

B. Revenue Sharing

This feature is only for Private Partners. 30% of the fees collected from our FCFS and Community Rounds will be pooled into the Private Partners Treasury Wallet. The funds (in USDC) collected will then be shared amongst our Private Partners (Wallets with more than 500K KOM staked) at the end of each quarter.

C. Priority Projects Criteria

Kommunitas aims to bring high-quality projects that must satisfy several criteria. They include, but are not limited to, having locked liquidity in a 1:1 ratio according to their Initial Market Cap, and the price of the token not dropping below IKO price for 3 consecutive days before 50% of the tokens are vested.

In the next 6-12 months, the team will build a cross-chain payment system for the Kommunitas launchpad. For all this while, we are accepting only USDC (Polygon) as the payment for participating in our Launchpad. Now we are testing a cross chain payment where users can choose to pay by using either USDC (Polygon) or BUSD (Bep20).

This will cut down some steps that users need to take. Normally, after they participate in a token sale, they will need to claim the token (which 80% of the projects are in BSC). And then, after claiming the BEP20 token, some will trade it for BUSD in pancakeswap/ other DEX, and upon receiving BUSD (BEP20) they will need to convert it to USDC (Polygon) again for the next sale.

With our new features, they dont need to swap the BUSD (BEP20) to USDC (polygon) thru any CEX again later on.

Then, Mr. Robby Jeo introduced KOM's token economics, $KOM token holders will have the rights to vote for the future development of Kommunitas platform and all the projects that will be launched on its platform. This will be done by KOMV (KOM Voting Token). Now, as $KOM holder, you also can vote in any projects that you like, indicating that you want to participate in the sales.

KOM token holders will also be able to stake their token and earn interesting yield on Kommunitas platform and other partners’ platform.

By staking KOM, user will get guaranteed allocation of a newly launched token, and thanks to our tier-less system, users do not need to have a minimum holding of KOM tokens for a guaranteed allocation. Private Partners, those who staked more than 500,000 KOM, will also enjoy a Quarterly Revenue Sharing.

When asked about the maximum supply of KOM tokens that users care about, Mr. Robby Jeo explained that the team has reduced the total maximum supply of KOM tokens from 40B to 2B tokens — a reduction of 95%! With approximately 1.2B KOM currently in circulation, Kommunitas will have a better circulating-to-total-supply ratio than most crypto projects already in the cryptosphere! please follow Kommunitas' media to read more about Burning's monthly report.

Kommunitas attaches great importance to its own ecology and management community, Mr. Robby Jeo said, ‘Thanks to all community moderators and supporters that we have in our community. We always listen to their feedback. In fact, every 2 weeks we always post our feedback form to let users give their feedback and suggestions about our platform. And if there is a good feedback, we will pick it as Feedback of The Month and provide the user with some KOM as the rewards.’

Users can buy KOM through DEX and CEX, DEX aspects such as QuickSwap and ApeSwap. for CEX, KOM can be purchased directly at ZT. , ZT held a KOM launch celebration, with 2.5 million KOMs for sharing. Welcome to participate!

【ZT Club Introduction 】

ZT Club is an independent media comprehensive service platform and club operated by ZT Global.

ZT Club mainly integrates blockchain-related content such as project incubation, community integration, activity expansion, and industry education. Committed to promoting the vigorous development of the blockchain industry and building an industry ecosystem. Since its launch, it has invited a number of well-known industry leaders, rookie blockchain projects, capital institutions, popular communities and other guests, and successfully carried out multiple live broadcasts.

In the future, we will continue to bring new traffic, new resources, and new ways to play with the blockchain from time to time in the form of voice, video, and audio.

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