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Introducing Bola Grill, the most versatile table top grill ever created

Bola Grills, a creative BBQ and grill manufacturer is introducing its branded  Bola Grill, the most versatile table top grill ever created.

No one wants the hassle of trying to drag a heavy grill to the campsite or park for a cookout. Thankfully, tabletop grills are a portable alternative. They can be propped up on an elevated surface and used to cook the same foods as a regular standing grill. For those with a very small space available for grilling and only need to cook for a small family, then a tabletop grill might be exactly what they need, especially the fascinating Bola Grill.

Bola Grills is on a mission to introduce its invention on the largest possible scale in order to improve the standards of lives and develop technology, which is the foundation of the present day civilization. Bola Grills believes that Technology not only changes people’s daily lives but also changes man's reality and influences how the future of humanity unfolds. This is why the company went all out to create what has been described as the most versatile tabletop grill in the world! A grill with loads of features, unique attachments designed and engineered to enhance the tabletop grilling experience.

The Bola Grill was designed & developed with comfort and safety in mind so one can enjoy one's company without having to worry about smoke getting in your eyes. The company achieved this with what's known as the "secondary burn", where the air coming into the grill from the bottom vents travels up the walls and comes out of the top vents hot enough to burn off the smoke.

Creativity is thinking up new things, innovation is doing new things. Bola Grills is replete with both creativity and innovation. Speaking about the designs, the CEO of Bola Grills said: "When designing a tabletop grill, we knew safety and comfort had to be at the top of our priority list. Adding a layer of 13mm high-temp ceramic insulation hidden inside the walls of the grill enabled us to create an experience where users won’t have to worry about the heat going anywhere but up.''

It is said that "does it better" will always beat "did it first". Bola Grills may not have been the pioneers of the portable grills, but, they are doing it better. The insulation in the Bola Grill is built to withstand 1260° heat, ensuring the grill can sit safely on almost any surface for hours and be touched or grazed without worry. Additionally, Bola Grill can be placed on any outdoor table and emit minimal smoke thanks to its unique airflow system that burns off smoke before it’s emitted from the grill. The 360-degree rotatable grill plate lets everyone get in on the grilling action.

The Bola Grill was created by an over-the-fire cooking enthusiast who named the grill as a homage to his South American roots. For that unbeatable charcoal flavor and a unique grilling style that can get truly addicting, Bola Grill is undoubtedly one to have at home or on the move.

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