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How much do people know the difference between ordinary sunglasses and polarized sunglasses?

Since summer, the sun has gradually become more and more proud. Many people choose to wear sunglasses to reduce the damage to the eyes caused by the scorching sun. Nowadays, sunglasses are also polarized and non-polarized. Many people don’t know the difference between the two, so take a look with Bian’er.

Accompany people to master sunglasses.Sunglasses, also known as shading glasses, are used to block light. Under the sun, people usually adjust the lumen value by adjusting the pupil size. When the light intensity exceeds the ability of human eyes to adjust to work, it will cause damage to human eyes. Therefore, in outdoor sports venues, especially in summer, shading glasses must be used to block the sun to reduce fatigue caused by eye adjustment or damage caused by strong light.Because the natural light reaching the earth’s atmosphere contains ultraviolet rays, the cornea and crystals of the human eye are the eye organs most susceptible to ultraviolet damage, and cataract is an eye disease closely related to it. Because of the damage to the ozone hole by the natural environment and the promotion of outdoor sports in summer, the damage of ultraviolet rays to human eyes cannot be ignored. Wearing sunglasses is a great way to protect their eyes from UV damage, but they need to be careful when choosing their sunglasses.

General sunglasses and polarized sunglasses.

In terms of appearance, general sunglasses and polarized sunglasses cannot be seen by the human eye, while general sunglasses only reduce the intensity of light, and cannot effectively remove bright scattering and glare in all directions.The polarized light is the irregular refraction of light caused by the uneven ground, river surface, etc., also called glare. When this light hits the eyes immediately, it can cause discomfort in the eyes. It is easy to get tired, they cannot look at things for a long time, and the texture of the objects is obviously insufficient.Polarized sunglasses can completely block the dazzling glare caused by transmission, bending, and reflective surfaces. It can completely block the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to people’s eyes, so that people are not easy to get tired during long-term theme activities under strong light, so as to achieve the effect of truly protecting eyesight, and make the objects they see more clear and three-dimensional.

How to tell if sunglasses are polarized?

There is no difference in appearance design between polarized sunglasses and non-polarized sunglasses, so how should people judge whether sunglasses are polarized?

In the absence of a polarizing card, if they distinguish whether the sunglasses are polarized or not, they can turn the sunglasses 45° clockwise. If the color of the spectacle lens changes, the sunglasses return to the previous position, and the color recovers, then people can tell that the sunglasses are polarized. If peoplr can’t see the color change of the sunglasses lens no matter how they turn it, they can tell that the sunglasses are not polarized.The principle of polarized sunglasses.

Polarizers are made based on the basic principle of polarization of light. People know that when the sun is projected on the ground or on the river, the immediate eyelashes can make the eyes feel dizzy and tired. long. Especially if they are driving. Outdoor leisure activities will not only affect people’s mentality of homework and games and entertainment, but will also continue to endanger everyone’s ability to distinguish items, leading to risks; long-term exposure to the sun will also cause rapid reduction of eyesight, resulting in myopia and hyperopia, astigmatism or cataracts.

The animation effect of the polarizer is to reasonably remove and filter the diffuse light in the light, so that the line of sight is clear. Just like the basic principle of venetian blinds, the light is adjusted in the same direction, entering the room, of course, making the scenery look gentle and not eye-catching.

Properties of idealized polarized sunglasses.

1. It can filter out more than 99% of ultraviolet rays under the sun, and the filtering characteristics meet the national standards

2. Reasonably block the role of sunlight

3. Spectacle lenses use the standard electronic optical arc bending design scheme to generate the electronic optical axis and cause visual effects

4. The eye frame is sturdy, the raw material of the frame is high-quality, and it has electronic optical function analysis, which makes it comfortable and safe after wearing.How to choose polarized sunglasses.After seeing the benefits of polarized sunglasses, many good friends say that it is time to gradually wear a pair of polarized sunglasses.

So,  knowning how to buy polarized sunglasses? Come to Marco!

1. Be sure to choose high-quality polarized sunglasses, which can completely block ultraviolet rays

2. Color When choosing polarized sunglasses, it should also be based on the color of the surrounding environment without losing the frame. The edge of the object is clear, which can effectively identify the signal indicators of different colors

3. Before purchasing polarized sunglasses, wear them to distinguish whether they feel discomfort, dizziness, headache, dry eyes or tingling

4. When choosing polarizers, they should also pay attention to the maintenance of the frame. The high-quality polarized frames are designed with a resin veneer arc design, which can reasonably avoid the damage to the eyes caused by dirt in outdoor activities.

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