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Three Reasons Why Twitter Users Need to Connect to a VPN

Twitter is known for its users who maximize the use of their accounts by speaking up regarding social issues like prejudice and injustice. Starting as an outlet for people to have a personal online diary to talk about their day for instance, this social media giant turned into something even more. It became an avenue for citizens to show their support and concern to others by influencing communities with their ideas and opinions about: everything under the sun.

Unfortunately, most Twitter users are very vocal to the point that they don’t mind calling out big personalities like celebrities, government officials, and the like. This makes them an easy target online, especially by big and influential names in various industries and even the government.

More often than not, there would be news circulating online about missing people, notably activists. And their common denominator would always center on how they are all active on Twitter, criticizing the misdemeanors of certain politicians and government officials. 

As a result, a lot of Twitter users are now prevented from voicing out their opinions regarding sensible matters. Why? Simply because they’re scared of what might actually happen to them.

Nevertheless, it’s our duty as citizens of the world, to call out people who transgress just to get what they want.

Good thing there is, Twitter users need not to worry about their safety and privacy as software tools like VPNs or Virtual Private Network can help them. This tool aids online users gain anonymity in cyberspace by concealing their data and activities. Below are 3 reasons why social media users, specifically Twitter users should connect to a VPN. 

3 reasons why Twitter users need to connect to a VPN:

  1. Assured online privacy

Since one’s name and other personal information are out in the open on every social media website like Twitter, it’s possible for online threats to locate where these users’ locations are. By connecting to a VPN, this wouldn’t be a problem as Twitter users can trick their location by choosing from their chosen VPN’s library of servers.

  1. Say ‘NO’ to packet shaping

Internet service providers (ISPs) always do this. Whenever they see significant online traffic, they tend to decrease their user’s internet speed so that they would take some time off from browsing apps and websites that they usually visit.

So, with a VPN on hand, Twitter users can tweet for as long as they want without worrying about slowing down their internet and device’s performance.

  1. Guaranteed freedom of speech

Twitter mostly suspends profiles who are vocal about their opinions, especially political ones. So, even though a person isn’t doing anything much more than voicing out his/her opinions, as long as their accounts have been reported, there’s a high possibility that Twitter, along with the users’ internet service providers (ISPs), may hold off their profiles for several days, or if unlucky, permanently.

When a user is accompanied by a VPN, it’s inessential to be distressed regarding the banning of accounts as it guarantees hiding one’s Twitter activities to the ISPs. This way, VPN helps users from getting banned not only on Twitter, but in every social media website available. 

A VPN app like GoingVPN would be very much helpful to those who want to guarantee online safety and privacy on the web. This free VPN app provides premium and high-quality features and services to its users without breaking the bank.

Twitter users can surely experience a tight encryption process, faster and better device performance, and unlimited data all for free with this VPN app. 

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

For more information, just visit GoingVPN’s website.

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