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PepsiCo, Inc.
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Item 2.02. Results of Operations and Financial Condition.
The information in this Item 2.02, including Exhibit 99.1 attached hereto, is being furnished and shall not be deemed “filed” for the purposes of Section 18 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (“Exchange Act”), or otherwise subject to the liabilities of that Section and shall not be incorporated by reference into any registration statement or other document pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or the Exchange Act, except as otherwise expressly stated in such filing.
Attached as Exhibit 99.1 and incorporated by reference into this Item 2.02 is a copy of the press release issued by PepsiCo, Inc. (“PepsiCo”), dated February 15, 2019, reporting PepsiCo’s financial results for the 16 and 52 weeks ended December 29, 2018.
Item 2.05. Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal Activities.
PepsiCo today announced that on February 14, 2019 it committed to a multi-year productivity plan (the “2019 Productivity Plan”), that will leverage new technology and business models to further simplify, harmonize and automate processes; re-engineer its go-to-market and information systems, including deploying the right automation for each market; simplify its organization and optimize its manufacturing and supply chain footprint.
In connection with this program, PepsiCo expects to incur pre-tax charges of approximately $2.5 billion, of which $138 million is included in its 2018 results, approximately $800 million is expected to be reflected in its 2019 results and the balance to be reflected in its 2020 through 2023 results. These pre-tax charges will consist of approximately 70% of severance and other employee-related costs, 15% for asset impairments (all non-cash) resulting from plant closures and related actions, and 15% for other costs associated with the implementation of these productivity initiatives. PepsiCo expects that these pre-tax charges will result in cash expenditures of approximately $1.6 billion, of which PepsiCo expects approximately $450 million to be reflected in its 2019 cash flows and the balance to be reflected in its 2020 through 2023 cash flows. PepsiCo expects to incur the majority of the pre-tax charges and cash expenditures in its 2019 and 2020 results.
The information in this Item 2.05 contains certain “forward-looking statements” based on currently available information, operating plans and projections about future events and trends. Terminology such as “aim,” “anticipate,” “believe,” “drive,” “estimate,” “expect,” “expressed confidence,” “forecast,” “future,” “goal,” “guidance,” “intend,” “may,” “objective,” “outlook,” “plan,” “position,” “potential,” “project,” “seek,” “should,” “strategy,” “target,” “will” or similar statements or variations of such words and other similar expressions are intended to identify forward looking statements, although not all forward looking statements contain such terms. Forward-looking statements inherently involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those predicted in such forward looking statements. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to: changes in demand for PepsiCo’s products, as a result of changes in consumer preferences or otherwise; changes in laws related to the use or disposal of plastics or other packaging of PepsiCo’s products; changes in, or failure to comply with, applicable laws and regulations; imposition or proposed imposition of new or increased taxes aimed at PepsiCo’s products; imposition of labeling or warning requirements on PepsiCo’s products; PepsiCo’s ability to compete effectively; failure to realize anticipated benefits from PepsiCo’s productivity initiatives or operating model; political conditions, civil unrest or other developments and risks in the markets where PepsiCo’s products are made, manufactured, distributed or sold; PepsiCo’s ability to grow its business in developing and emerging markets; uncertain or unfavorable economic conditions in the countries in which PepsiCo operates; the ability to protect information systems against, or effectively respond to, a cybersecurity incident or other disruption; increased costs, disruption of supply or shortages of raw materials and other supplies; business disruptions; product contamination or tampering or issues or concerns with respect to product quality, safety and integrity; damage to PepsiCo’s reputation or brand image; failure to successfully complete, integrate or manage acquisitions and joint ventures into PepsiCo’s existing operations or to complete or manage divestitures or refranchisings; changes in estimates and underlying assumptions regarding future performance that could result in an impairment charge; increase in income tax rates, changes in income tax laws or disagreements with tax authorities; PepsiCo’s ability to recruit, hire or retain key employees or a highly skilled and diverse workforce; loss of, or a significant reduction in sales to, any key customer; disruption to the retail landscape, including rapid growth in hard discounters and the e-commerce channel; any downgrade or potential downgrade of PepsiCo’s credit ratings; PepsiCo’s ability to implement shared services or utilize information technology systems and networks effectively; fluctuations or other changes in exchange rates; climate change or water scarcity, or legal, regulatory or market measures to address climate change or water scarcity; failure to successfully negotiate collective bargaining agreements, or strikes or work stoppages; infringement of intellectual property rights; potential liabilities and costs from litigation, claims, legal or regulatory proceedings, inquiries or investigations; and other factors that may adversely affect the price of PepsiCo’s publicly traded securities and financial performance.
For additional information on these and other factors that could cause PepsiCo’s actual results to materially differ from those set forth herein, please see PepsiCo’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including its most recent annual report on Form 10-K and subsequent reports on Forms 10-Q and 8-K. Investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they are made. We undertake no obligation to update any forward looking statement, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

Item 2.06. Material Impairments.
The information set forth above in Item 2.05 of this Current Report on Form 8-K is hereby incorporated by reference into this Item 2.06.
Item 9.01. Financial Statements and Exhibits.
(d) Exhibits
99.1 Press Release issued by PepsiCo, Inc., dated February 15, 2019.

Exhibit No.

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Date: February 15, 2019
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David Yawman
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