Prospectus Supplement No. 7

File No. 33-54733
Filed pursuant to
Rule 424(b)(3) and
Rule 424(c)

(To Prospectus dated July 26, 1994)


PepsiCo, Inc.

(Par Value 1-2/3 Cents per Share)
Available to be Resold


        The following information updates and supplements the prospectus dated July 26, 1994 (the “Prospectus”) covering affiliate reoffers and resales of PepsiCo, Inc. Common Stock, par value 1-2/3 cents per share, which were acquired under PepsiCo’s 1969 or 1975 Stock Option Plans, 1972 Performance Share Plan, as amended, or 1979 Incentive Plan; or which were or are expected to be acquired under PepsiCo’s 1987 Incentive Plan or 1994 Long-Term Incentive Plan. Such Prospectus was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of Registration No. 33-54733.

        The “Selling Stockholders” information is updated and restated in its entirety as follows:


Name and Material Relationships with
PepsiCo Since September 1998  
Shares of Common
Stock Available
to be Resold
(whether or not
there is present
intent to do so)    

Shares of

Shares of
Common Stock
Subject to Right to
Acquire Prior to
August 15, 2002

Peter A. Bridgman
   Senior Vice President and Controller;
   Senior Vice President and Controller,
   The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.;
   Senior Vice President and Controller,
   Pepsi-Cola North America

      105,561      3,002      105,561

Roger A. Enrico
   Vice Chairman of the Board; Chairman
   of the Board and Chief Executive

      4,109,808      68,132      4,101,713

Matthew M. McKenna
   Senior Vice President of Finance;
   Senior Vice President and Treasurer

      335,657      313      335,657

Indra K. Nooyi
   Director, President and Chief Financial
   Officer; Senior Vice President and Chief
   Financial Officer; Senior Vice President
   Corporate Strategy and Development

      469,321      1,035      469,321

Lionel L. Nowell, III
   Senior Vice President and Treasurer;
   Executive Vice President and Chief
   Financial Officer, The Pepsi Bottling
   Group, Inc.; Senior Vice President and

      272,851      417      272,851

Steven S Reinemund
   Chairman of the Board and Chief
   Executive Officer; Director, President
   and Chief Operating Officer; Chairman
   and Chief Executive Officer, The
   Frito-Lay Company

      1,542,436      10,967      1,538,174

Maria S. Renna
   Vice President, Compensation; ERISA

      41,175      728      41,175

Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.
   Senior Vice President, Public Affairs,
   General Counsel and Secretary; Senior
   Vice President, General Counsel and

      430,425      1,000      430,425

Karl M. von der Heyden
   Vice Chairman; Vice Chairman and
   Chief Financial Officer

      581,284      40,000      581,284

Michael D. White
   President and Chief Executive Officer,
   Frito-Lay Europe, Africa and Middle
   East; Senior Vice President and Chief
   Financial Officer

      394,119      10,102      394,119

September 5, 2001

The address for each Selling Stockholder is c/o PepsiCo, Inc., 700 Anderson Hill Road,
Purchase, New York 10577