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(Lead-in from Operator)



Steve Douglas, Vice President, Investor Relations

Well thank you, Operator. We certainly appreciate you joining us for this call to learn more about Suncor’s offer to purchase all the outstanding common shares of Canadian Oil Sands Limited.

We won’t be holding an open Q&A period as part of this call, however, throughout the offer period, you can direct questions to us by emailing offer@suncor.com or contacting Suncor’s Investor Relations department. We’ll endeavour to respond promptly to all questions received. For additional information regarding the offer, please visit www.suncorofferforcanadianoilsands.com.

I’d like to begin by noting that our offer to purchase shares of COS is being made subject to the terms and conditions set out in Suncor’s offer to purchase and take-over bid circular, dated October 5, 2015, along with the accompanying bid documents. The information being presented today does not cover all information relevant to our offer, and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the complete text of the offer document, which should be read carefully before making a decision with respect to the offer.

The proposed offer would see Suncor acquire COS in an all-share transaction. Each COS shareholder will be entitled to receive 0.25 of a Suncor share for each COS common share held. The offer has a tender period of 60 days, it begins October 5, and extends to 5:00 pm Mountain Time December 4, 2015, unless extended or withdrawn by Suncor; and of course it’s subject to the customary regulatory approval.

I’m going to ask Suncor’s Executive Vice President of Strategy and Commercial Development, Steve Reynish, to go into some further details on the COS offer.



Steve Reynish, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Commercial Development

Thank you, Steve. Since we announced our offer on October 5, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to the majority of reporting shareholders of Canadian Oil sands. Naturally, they would like to see a higher exchange ratio for their shares, but they do all understand that Canadian Oil Sands is facing a risky and uncertain future, and they acknowledge the value of what we have put on the table.

This includes: an implied price of $9.73 per share, representing a premium of 57% to Canadian Oil Sands pre-offer price, based on Suncor’s closing price on October 30 of $38.91. Between the offer date and October 30, Suncor’s share price rose 11% and it has continued to rise in November, which in turn raises the implied offer price and premium.

Secondly, it includes a 45% cash dividend increase; and thirdly, it’s an all-share deal that enables a tax-deferred rollover and participation in the potential upside associated with owning Suncor shares. That includes: the impact of any increase in oil price, as well as the value we expect to create as owners of a much larger stake in Syncrude.

The investors we’ve spoken to also recognized Suncor’s track record on operational excellence, capital discipline, and profitable growth. They know that we have generated over $10 billion in free cash flow over the past five years, and that we have returned the majority of that to shareholders through a combination of dividends and buy-backs, while continuing to invest in long-term sustainable growth.

The Canadian Oil Sands Board and Management have recommended that shareholders reject Suncor’s offer, but that recommendation seems to be based on little more than hope. Hope that oil prices will recover before Canadian Oil Sands finds itself in further financial distress, and hope that even without doing anything particularly different than it has in the past, Syncrude will sort out the stubborn operational challenges that have plagued it for the past several years, resulting in year-over-year declines in production.

We don’t think hope is the best strategy, particularly as Canadian Oil Sands is facing a risky and uncertain future, and there is now a much better alternative available. By tendering your shares to Suncor, Canadian Oil Sands shareholders will be gaining access to a host of potential benefits while at the same time sharply reducing downside risk.

Now I think it’s very instructive to look closely at the respective performance of the two companies. Over the past five years, when the WTI oil prices ranged from a high of $114 per barrel to a low of $38 per barrel, Suncor has delivered a total shareholder return of over 15%. During that same period, Canadian Oil Sands shareholders have endured a total shareholder return of negative 69%.

During the past five years, Suncor has increased its dividend by 190%. In that same period, the Canadian Oil Sands dividend has been reduced by 90%. Since 2011, Suncor has steadily increased its oil sands production by an average of almost 10% per year. Over the same period, Canadian Oil Sands Syncrude production has declined by an average of more than 5% per year.

Since 2011, Suncor’s utilization rates at its oil sands base plant have risen from below 80% to above 90%, while Canadian Oil Sand’s Syncrude utilization rates have steadily declined to average less than 75% so far this year.

Despite the steep fall in oil prices, Suncor has continued to generate free cash flow in every quarter of 2015. We have a rock solid balance sheet, with over $12 billion of liquidity, and a strong investment-grade credit rating. Canadian Oil Sands has generated negative free cash flow during every quarter in 2015; and with a debt to capitalization of over 37%, Canadian Oil Sands has seen its credit rating reduced to one notch above junk.

As Canadian Oil Sands shareholders carefully consider Suncor’s offer, we would point to four key reasons in support of tendering their shares.

One: lower for longer. Oil prices have sharply declined in the past year and put Canadian Oil Sands under severe financial pressure, resulting in their Board twice having to cut the dividend. Looking forward, the outlook for oil prices is extremely bearish as reflected by the forward strip WTI pricing, which does not return to $60 per barrel until after 2020. Suncor, with its integrated model, diversified portfolio, and strong balance sheet, can handle the risk of a lower for longer price environment. But Canadian Oil Sands, with its single asset exposure and stressed balance sheet, is in a precarious position.

Two: talk to the upside and protection on the downside. Now we are all hoping oil prices may rise in the next year or two, but they may also fall further. If you look at the correlation to oil price over almost any historical period, you’ll find that Suncor enjoys a very similar upside to Canadian Oil Sands, but far less downside when oil prices fall due to our integrated upstream downstream configuration, which allows us to generate strong cash flow even during periods of low oil prices.

Three: Syncrude’s performance. The Syncrude asset has continued to underperform. As I mentioned earlier, production at Syncrude has steadily declined over the past few years due to an unfortunate series of operational upsets. That trend has continued through 2015. In the third quarter, Syncrude ran at approximately 67% of capacity, and in October, further operational problems resulted in production dropping even below that level. Suncor has a proven track record of success in our mining and upgrading operations, which are very similar and immediately adjacent to those of Syncrude. With a 49% working interest, we would immediately devote more resources to improving governance and oversight, and we would work with the operator to increase reliability, reduce costs, and look at potential synergies and opportunities.

Number four: the standalone prospects for Canadian Oil Sands. Prior to Suncor launching its offer in early October, Canadian Oil Sands’ price sank to between $6 and $7 per share. With no other alternatives on the table, and if Suncor’s offer is not successful, there is every reason to believe that the Canadian Oil Sands share price will return to these levels and possibly lower, given that Syncrude continues to underperform and oil prices show no sign of recovering.

So we believe Canadian Oil Sands shareholders need to consider these facts carefully as they make their decision on Suncor’s offer. Suncor’s offer delivers Canadian Oil Sands shareholders significant immediate value, strong upside potential, and considerable downside protection, which they otherwise lack. We believe the offer represents full and fair value, and a compelling opportunity for Canadian Oil Sands shareholders. Our offer respects the permitted bid terms that Canadian Oil Sands put in place in 2010 and that were reconfirmed by the Canadian Oil Sands directors and shareholders in April of 2013. Most importantly, we would like to see Canadian Oil Sands shareholders decide for themselves on the merits of Suncor’s offer.



Steve Douglas, Vice President, Investor Relations

Well thank you, Steve, and thank you to participants for dialing in. The call is now complete.