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As previously announced, AVI BioPharma, Inc. (“AVI” or “the Company”) entered into a contract with the Transformational Medical Technologies Initiative (“TMTI”), a Department of Defense program, to identify one or more RNA-based drug candidates against pandemic H1N1 virus (also known as swine flu or swine origin influenza virus), initially to the stage of preclinical testing. Under the agreement, AVI conducted in vitro and preclinical in vivo studies against H1N1 to demonstrate the Company’s ability to treat emerging infectious diseases by producing multiple therapeutic candidates against H1N1 and preclinically evaluating their efficacy. TMTI recently issued a press release regarding the initial results from these studies. AVI is filing the following additional statement in connection with the TMTI press release:


·                  AVI generated and tested several RNA-based drug candidates in a number of preclinical studies using a mouse model of seasonal flu.

·                  The lead drug candidate from the mouse studies has been advanced into ferret preclinical testing utilizing a fully virulent human pandemic H1N1 virus.

·                  The single ferret study completed to date included various treatment groups employing different doses of AVI’s lead drug candidate, a scrambled sequence control, a saline control and a positive control utilizing a standard of care drug, oseltamivir, also known as Tamiflu.

·                  AVI’s lead RNA-based candidate drug showed a statistically significantly greater reduction in viral titer and clinical scores in infected ferrets than was seen with the scrambled sequence control, the saline control or the positive control using oseltamivir.

·                  AVI intends to repeat this study and obtain additional data, which may be available early this year.


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